Wednesday, October 03, 2007

DC50, much improved with wonderful friends

As this race is now 9 (yep, single digits now!) days away, I've been a roller coaster of emotions regarding how I'm feeling about it. Mostly stressed (lots of nightmares in general as well as race specific ones) but feeling better now that I've been reassurred of the presence of awesome friends who are going to make this a hopefully much more sucessful journey.

My friend Mike Palmer, who took me on my first Mt Tam run, my first enjoyable run through the berkeley hills (going beyond Strawberry Canyon), and who put on the Psychedelic Climacteric 50k in August, has promised to run with me for the whole race! He wants me to laminate a cut-off time sheet for the aid stations so that he makes sure I don't get timed out :). This was sort of in exchange for me agreeing to NOT take the early start, so I'm back to having just 13 hours to complete the course! Gulp... Mike is a seriously amazing runner, having just completed his 10th (yes, 10th) Angeles Crest a few weeks ago. He's also done countless other ultras (including lots of other 100s) and so is the perfect buddy for my first 50. I've always really enjoyed running with him, and have really learned so much from him since we met back in March, I think? This will also be good practice, as he's told me that I will get to pace him at Western States next year!!! (how cool is that? I'm already looking forward to it....the lottery better let him in :) ).

In addition, my great running friend Sarah (who I did a back to back run with a few month ago and who just completed the Trans-rockies run) is going to pace me officially the last 13 miles. She's awesome at pushing me, and I'm sure it'll be appreciated to be with someone who has fresh legs when I'm likely going to be feeling less than fresh.

A last addition is that I'm going to have a crew of sorts after all as my boyfriend (the mystery flower man now has a title :) ) is going to come to the race and has agreed to crew (though I don't know that he is actually clear on what I'll want him to do, nor for that matter am I necessarily, but having him there will be so nice!).

Plus, with all the familiar faces of everyone else I know running there, it should be more like a big social event than a crazy frightening scary run, right?

I've been doing lots of pace calculations to figure out what kind of times I should be shooting for, as well as soliciting extra advice from the ultra list, which I'll be compiling on here soon. Overall though, knowing I'm going to have such awesome support makes such a world of difference. Not having my family there was a little dissapointing at first, but knowing now that I'll have my 'running family' with me reassures me that this will be an amazing experience.


Anonymous said...


You ARE going to do awesome. The only thing I want to say about your pacing concerns, and Mike will probably agree. Finishing this race is more about being able to go SLOW enough than fast enough. What I mean is, it may be hard to run slow enough early on to keep things in check for the whole journey.

People always rabbit it going out. At BR100 Josh was DFL at 10 miles(on purpose) and still just under a 24 hour pace...of course most of us, me included, could never maintain our pace from that early fast start. He finished, got a buckle. I did not. So, go SLOWWW, but just fast enough to stay in the race. If you have lots of energy in the last ten miles with Sarah, knock yourself out!

OK, have fun, don't worry, it is only running. Whatever happens:
finish of DNF for some reason, you are already a success for how far you have come. This "race" is a celebration of all of your hard work!

I can't wait for the report.

Backofpack said...

Great support + great runner = great race!

For crewing the 100 I had Eric write me a schedule of expected times at the aid stations, then had him back a gallon ziplock bag for each aid station with what he thought he would want there - including clothing changes. In addition, I always had the foot care kit, extra water and ice ready. Sometimes I made a judgement - like talking him into taking his lightweight shell. I knew the one or two spots he might want fresh shoes and had those ready too. Some of it comes with experience - I crewed the 100 for Rob twice before this one for Eric, plus I crewed at a few 50s. Think it through, plan for contingencies and write it all down for him. Plus, make sure he has driving directions to each aid station. Oh, and he needs to pack food and drink for himself and he also needs to plan to crew for your pacer.

Good luck!

Dave said...


I'm excited for you. Only a week away! Enjoy your taper and and the fruits of all your hard work. You are going to do really well!

Donald said...

Based on the training you've done, I have confidence in you that you'll succeed. Just don't drive yourself crazy stressing out between now and then!

Jessica Deline said...

Boyfriend? :)

You rock Addy. You'll be ready for your 50 miler. Having good support sure helps!!

Bob Gentile said...

Taper Time Addy, Enjoy it... this is the week to just visualize a great race!!

FOCUS IN!! You are READY!!

e-rod said...

i'm trying not to think too much about the dc to avoid any jitters and such. my training has been far from ideal (longest long run after mt. d was 20 with not a lot of back-to-backs). i've seen your training and it's gonna pay off, i'm sure. not to mention you've got an awesome bunch of friends out there. see ya next week.

Anonymous said...

Is this pig picture a Lake ??????


mtnrunR said...

have a blast, you will do great

Pete Vara said...

You are going to do great next week. I wish I could be out there for you next week. Enjoy the taper.

Your father said...

Hey girl,

Nice picture of you with flower man. You look a tad happy, which is very nice to see. Sorry we won't be there, but I'm very happy that Mike, Sarah and FMan will be. How cool is it that you will have Mike and Sarah on the trail? You are attempting something that mostly elite athletes with many more years in trail running do, so you are a success already in what you have done to be ready

e-Rod: have a good race. I'll be thinking good thoughts for you as well. Know you will do great and will be looking forward to your race report.

I'm not sure how words like "enjoy" and "fun" end up in a sentence about running 50 miles. You ultra people are in a world that is hard for us non-ultra-mere mortals to appreciate, but I very much admire your drive, courage and humanity. You have many many years of happy trail and ultra running ahead of you, so stay uninjured, enjoy the company of your running family and be happy with the race you are able to run, whatever that turns out to be.

Be sure to call or text when you are done. We'll be thinking of you and saying prayers.



Jean said...

Only one week to go, Addy! How exciting is that? I hope you are able to get some good rest and know that your preparation has trained you for success!

All the best!

rick said...

Good friends are priceless. How awesome that you get your own ultra runner escort, running buddy pacer and mystery man crew. You are so spoiled:) What are good times without good people to share it with!

One more week! You are more than ready. Get lots of sleep this week and eat well. That last part was actually for me, hahaha. Love working late and eating take out. Bad rick. Don't be like me:)

RunBubbaRun said...

Have a great race. Souns like you have some great pacers there.. Just keep moving forward and you will do great..

Good luck to ya.

Josh said...

I can't wait to here about your amazing race!

Sarah said...

That's great you'll have so much support out there. Combined with your preparation, it will be an awesome day for you, I'm sure! : )

Mark said...

Hi Addy,

Hope to meet you at Dick Collins. Enjoy your taper!

runningtwig said...

Addy, Thanks for the congrats! It felt great to finish that race. Good luck next weekend at the DC50 - you are going to rock it!!