Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Weekend Forcast for Saturday

68 high and partly cloudy :)

Lets hope it stays that way! Well, getting rid of the clouds would be okay. But the temperature is perfect!

Going out to do my last run, a nice and easy 2 miler :D

There's still so much to do before leaving, and no time (especially since the next few nights I'm aiming for an early bedtime). Gotta do maps of the area, laminate my pacing chart, and get everything together.

I could really use people's opinions on my hydration system. Now, I've done all my training with my camelback, which is great. I love it :). However, the furthest aid station is only 4.5 miles. So, really, I only need 1-2 handhelds, and the backpack would take longer to fill. However, I like the ability the backpack has of carrying things, that the handhelds wouldn't have. But, the backpack is also heavy. So, my two ideas are,

1) Go with the hydration pack, as is


2) wear the pack without the water, so that I can use it for storage (only weighs 1.5 lbs empty), carry one handheld, and stick another in the pack for longer aid station periods

Just handhelds doesn't work because I wouldn't have a place for gus and such! I know there will be lots of food out, but I want to make sure I have fuel that works for me :)

Okay, vote in!

Thanks guys :D

2 days and a handful of hours away from the race!


Kim said...

I would wear your Camelback to hold your stuff, since you are used to it, and go with the one hand held. Sure, there will be food out, but if you pack your own, you will have your comfort stuff with you.
Have fun at your race! I would like to contact you next week, I think a recap of your race would be good for our ultra podcast,!

Your father said...

I like Kim's advice. Don't see any downside to the empty camelback (light; no heat issue in that weather). Plus, you NEED to take your camera for those great photos that go with your race reports. Gotta have those photos! Maybe carry your cell, to get emotional support from friends/family/flower-man? At least up in the Tilden Park portion you should have good coverage. It was fun talking to you on the Tahoe Rim Trail race.

Hope we get to talk before your race. Know you will do well.



Who is SLB+? said...

Don't change anything now, like Kim said stick with what has been proven. If you want readily available gels without having to dive into you CamelBak I have found that taping then to the handheld works well; tape the tops and wrap rubber bands around the packs; 2 or 3 fit nicely and there is very little difference to the weight.

Looking forward to the report.

Good luck

Josh said...

I agree with everyone else, empty pack will work best because you are already used to it.
I know you are totally nervous about your race and nothing anyone says will change that. But, I have been following your training for months now, and I know you are more than ready for this! You're going to do great!

Sarah said...

Yes, don't change too much. I'm nervous about using a hydration pack for races ever since mine leaked at my last trail race. I say go with a bladderless pack and one handheld. I think two bottles are overkill for 4.5 miles. You might want to put your bladder in a drop bag and/or an extra bottle just in case you want it.

Best of luck to you!

Mark Tanaka (Ultrailnakaman) said...

The vote is unanimous-- definitely 1 bottle with mild temps, and if you are used to the Camelback, the comfort stuff is nice. Plus for this course is you see everyone at least once since it's out and back, plus all the marathoners in awe of the 50-milers, so lots of mutual encouragement. Good luck. You will do well, even with suboptimal mileage last week.

Journey to a Centum said...


I typically run races with my pack but I don't use the hydration bladder. Instead I use hand helds. It's faster at the AS and you know how much you are drinking. I keep the pack because I can bring s-caps, gels, and some emergency stuff like spare contact lenses, space blanket, energy bars, etc. The Nathan racing vests were made just for this reason.

You have yourself a great run! Can't wait to see what you think of 50 miles.

Keep smiling!

runningtwig said...

I agree with everyone else - empty vest and handhelds. Hydration packs do take a long time to fill up and that extra weight will be no good for 50 miles!!

Good luck - I know you are going to do awesome! I can't wait to read your report!

Dave said...

I agree with everyone else and don't really have much to add. I did want to wish you GOOD LUCK though. Look forward to that race report.

Brad said...

You're going to be running in my backyard! :)

DC Firetrails was my first 50 miler too. I use to wear a camelbak, but realized it took a lot of time to fill up with water. The easiest way to lose time is spending all of it at the aid stations! Make sure you get in, get fluids in the bottles, grab food and go!
Have a great race number is #125. Make sure to say hi!

Sarah said...

I'm going to break with the crowd in my advice. Ditch the pack Addy. You don't wear the pack for 3.5 mile runs, and it is overkill for this well supported race. You can borrow my shorts with rear pockets if you like and a handheld with a zipper pocket.

You also have very capable crew to carry your special gels, drinks, etc. to key aid stations. You have photos from nearly all these trails already, and your pacer/crew are capable photographers if that is not enough.

Remember we chatted on a run about how free and fast you'll feel without it? So what if you are used to carrying the weight
(you are, of course), all the more argument to ditch it and fly at Firetrails. This is why we pay race reg fees, have crews, pacers, etc. So we can be free and run like kids. ok, so not many kids run 50 miles in one day. but they would if they could.


hao said...

enjoy the run, addy. you'll do great. remember to enjoy the experience regardless of the result.



miki said...

I'd have to agree with Sarah. The aid stations are really really close. I took 2 bottles and a waist pack last year and I thought I had one bottle too many and could have ditched the waist pack if I had a pocket for my emergency blister pack. Go light and enjoy. If it makes you feel better, stash all the extras in your drop bag, or if you have crew following you, leave it with them. You'll feel 1.5 pounds lighter and will qualify for WS. :)
Best of luck and see you out there on Sat.

Michael Kanning said...

Good luck, Addy! It's awesome that your doing your first 50 miler Saturday. Be sure to say hello at the start and have a great time.

You can do it!


rick said...

I use a pack for my training runs so I can relate to the comfort you feel with having it. I use bottles with the pack so they are easier to fill.

I would go with the pack if I didn't have crew out there. I would use a single bottle (drink at the aid station if one bottle is not enough between aid stations) and use the rest for storage.

Also didn't you mention that mystery guy will be crewing for you? You don't need as much stuff if you've got crew meeting you at the checkpoints. If during the race you feel you can do without the pack you can leave it with him.

Phil said...

I wouldn't change your system 2 days before your race. Go with what you know and are comfortable with. You'll need to stay focus and not fret about issues that may come up with a new system.

You''ll do great! Looking forward to your race report.

Bob Gentile said...

Addy u got great advice for the comments above...ur ready!!! ...I use a handheld and one on my belt.

GO Have Fun ...keep up on ur Fuel and most importantly "Breath" lol


matt said...

i am kind of late on this vote, addy, but my vote is for sticking with comfort. i know you will have support and close aid stations, but 50 miles is a new event for you and i think as someone that attempted his first 50 at DC50 last year, i wish i had gone with my normal training gear. i am now inclined to run without a pack and just use the handhelds, but i would just advise you to listen carefully to what your gut is telling you here. if something goes wrong (not that it necessarily will, is going just a little lighter going to help you? there might be one thing in that pack that is going to help you push on. it would be one thing if you are lugging a full bladder in that pack, but you are just carrying some essential fuels and first aid...things that might be a little too bulky in your pockets.

i say toward ditching the pack in the future, but don't change here at the last minute. mentally, it might just be the thing that throws you completely off your game out there.

Eudemus said...

I am going to abstain from voting. While you certainly don't need to use a full bladder with such so many aid stations, only you can decide if you are comfortable enough to switch to a handheld and/or abandon you pack. All I can say is that you are going to find a bunch of stuff that works for you as well as things that don't once you are out there. Roll with it. Plan to make adjustments. Make mental notes "for next time" and have lots and lots of fun! See you out there.