Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Views from the sidelines

Thanks everyone for all the great words and advice about the calf! Sorry that I've been lax on blogging lately. This whole not running thing (it'll be a week tomorrow since my last run!) has definitely thrown me for a loop. I did finally start going to the gym this week, though, and did two days of an hour of cardio, which was nice. Got the heart rate up, which felt good, though I can't take more than a half hour on any one machine. The second day my calf was hurting towards the end so I took today off to rest. My santa cruz running friend Mimi gave me the number of a local PT that I'll call soon and hopefully get my calf the help it needs to be all better. It's been perfect running weather lately and I'm envious of everyone else out there. I do also want to start swimming but am currently being thwarted by the fact that its November and places aren't having a lot of swimsuits. Or, rather, Target isn't. I wanted to not spend a ton, so Target is usually good for that, but apparently cold weather = no suits. I'll go out in search this weekend. Also, the UCSC pool isn't that big, and there are lots of intimidating swimmer peoples there. So, I'll have to tackle that too.

For now, I'm enjoying the amazingly beautiful world from the sidelines instead of the trails. I took a beautiful weekend in Cambria (a sleepy seaside town about 4 hours down the coast from Santa Cruz) with Ed and enjoyed taking a break from graduate school life!

I took way too many photos (Ed was kind enough to pull over multiple times on the drive down so that I could get my photo fix) but came up with a few nice shots that I thought I'd share. Keep in mind that I took 280, so even though it seems like I posted a lot, I really did use restraint! Hope you enjoy!

Ed at out stop in Monterey Bay for lunch (clam chowder in bread bowls!)

One of the many bridges along the 1. This is part of the big sur marathon course, a marathon that is definitely on my list!
Beautiful water and rocks far below

Looking back on another of the famous bridges

Novice photographer with her obliging boyfriend (seriously, he got a similar experience to anyone who has ever run with me while I have my camera: "Hold on, I have to stop here! I just need to get a picture of this." I think it took us about 20 minutes to cover 5 miles at one point)

Ed taking in the view

This is why I don't think I'll ever be able to leave California!

Going into Cambria we stopped to visit the amazingly cute elephant seals :)This couple had a unique but very cute way of keeping warm

Catching a few minutes (or rather, hours) rest
Yawning or growling, you be the judge!

Sun sets over the seals

Beautiful sunset

Reflection of nature

A happy couple exiting the mission in San Louis Obisbo after their marriage ceremony

The amazing mound in morro bay

Sunset walk along the coast after a rain on the second night, with a Juniper tree sillouetted by the sun

Waves rolling onto the shore

He leans back to make the throw...

And lets go, eyeing his achievement!

Waves breaking on the rocks

A calm sunday morning beach

Looking back towards the coast

Morro Bay from far and away

Central coast winery


Backofpack said...

Beautiful photography! It's tough when you are struggling with an injury, to miss out on running. I've been a little behind, so I went back to your last post to catch up on the calf thing. I think one thing that happens to us as we build and build the mileage, is that we forget that a week of five-milers has value too. Every run doesn't have to be big or fast, sometimes we can just settle into a kind of maintenance mode. It feels nice, and like you said, you suddenly have more time. Anyway, a weekend off was surely good for you - and a wonderful time, judging by your pictures!

Abbie said...

Wow when I first saw 280 photos I thought "geez, those SoCal OCTR people really rubbed off on her", and then I looked at your pics and they are AMAZING! Definitely worth all the pics to get those shots!

And I feel you on the not running thing... except I can't go to the gym or anything for 4 weeks :(

Phil said...

Outstanding photos Addy! Thanks for sharing. You'll be back up and running in no time.

Sarah said...

Really nice pictures! I hope you get some relief for your calf soon. Have you tried a foam roller? Those things are amazing.

Dave said...

Those are beautiful pictures. They remind of one spring break in college when I did a bike tour of your neck of the woods (Palo Alto to Santa Cruz to San Francisco and back to Palo Alto). They also remind that I need to make my way back out to West soon (Thanksgiving :)).

Hope your calf feels better. PTs are the best. I'll be seeing mine after work today.

runningtwig said...

Those pics are amazing!! I can't find anything like that around here, so I'll have to live vicariously through your pics. Good luck with the calf!!

Josh said...

Great pictures, Addy!

"I think it took us about 20 minutes to cover 5 miles at one point"

Wow, that's 4 minute miles! sub 2 hour marathon pace :)

Ian said...

Great photos.
Take care of that calf and you'll be back in no time.

rick said...

You guys make a beautiful couple, the photos are great too. I think you are doing the right thing taking it easy. Like you said 50-miles is a long way to go. It's also your first one, so just enjoy the recovery. Let your body catch up and it will adapt with enough TLC. You'll learn in time when to push and when to pull back. Something I learned as a newbie that has served me well - "when in doubt, rest".

Bob Gentile said...

WOW some amazing photos and I am such a visual person so thank you very much for sharing

that "mound in morro bay" photo is a unique pick with the boats in the bay, very cool...

Sensationally Red said...

Your pictures just take my breath away...
Had to catch my breath there. Nice to see you still smiling too. Don't let those intimidating swimmer people keep you out of the pool. Become one. I need to get back to the pool.

Addy said...

Michelle- Thanks! thats a great thing to remember, and probably what I'll be heading towards doing when i start running again. And having this extra time is definitely great!

Abbie- There is a method to my madness of a million photos :D Sorry you're stuck in the sedentary life! Just think how good it'll feel to get back :)

phil- appreciate the positivism

Sarah- I'll have to look into those! I do have 'the stick' but it's not doing a whole lot...

Dave- that sounds like an amazing bike ride! This is a great place to visit as well as live

twig- glad you're enjoying them

Josh- I know...I was flying!!! Sad that some people can run as fast as we were driving...

Ian- Thanks

Rick- aww...thanks! I am getting a little used to this resting thing (though not too used to it, i hope!) Definitely making me appreciating running and I'll be able to pull this up in a few months when I don't want to run, and remember how lucky I'll be that I can :)

Bob- Morro bay is really a visually spectacular place with that huge mound. Wished it was sunny for better photos, but the foggy rain was beautiful too :)

Red- I now have a new roadblock, besides just the swimmers. No one sells swimsuits in November! I do have a few, just not working out type swimsuits. Might have to just hope they'll work. I'm sick of the gym already!

Anonymous said...

Very nice pics, Addy!! Looks like you had a great weekend. Big Sur is a spectacular marathon course - I hope you do it. I'm signing up again, and I've been talking lots of friends into this one.

An aside: foam rollers are different than "the stick" (I have both). I've found the roller to actually make a big difference. They're about $15 at local running/sporting goods shops.


Pete Vara said...

Addy- Love your pics and thank you for sharing. They are breathtaking. Have you tired using the stick or a few yoga classes might do the trick.

Mark Tanaka (Ultrailnakaman) said...
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Mark Tanaka (Ultrailnakaman) said...

Those were some very very beautiful artsy photos. If you say you are a novice, you are very talented.

I hope Ed is not just throwing rocks, but also massaging your calf. Here, make Ed read this. Massage Addy! Calf, plus some. Okay, going out of bounds here.

Don't be too intimidated by those swimmer peoples. Many are like beached whales on land. But don't try to tackle them in the water!

They can be nice. Some of my best friends are swimmers.