Thursday, June 28, 2007

Chino Evening

Had a fun 8 miler up in the Chino Hills Tuesday evening with Sue, Skip, and Tracie :) Since I had the Wink along, I figured I might as well bring a camera, so here's some of my favorite pictures from the run!

Skip and Tracie power up one of the many hills

Skip, Sue, and me on San Juan 'peak' at 1,896 ft :)

A furry trail companion!

The remnants of a bad driver

Moon rising over the Jacarandas
And speaking of pictures, Luis Escobar took some amazing ones at Western States. Check them out!


Mike said...


You are becoming my blog here with all those photos! You have a real eye for a good photo. Looks like a fun group there!


Mike said...

should have said "hero"

Greg said...

Love the moon over jacarandas, in particular. jacarandas are my fave tree.

kate said...

nice photos- yours- and Luis'!!

Bob Gentile said...

Nice 8 miler....IF one of those furry critters would ever crawl over me, like if I was sleeping on the trail for some reason and woke up to see that...I think I would heart attach after I leaped 12 feet in the air & screamed like a little baby-LOL

They are SO creepy, I think I hate them more then snakes...BUT it's very close!!

Addy said...

Mike- Thanks so much! I love taking photos, its half the fun with the trails for me :) It is a really fun group. I'm so glad I got the chance to run with them, even though it was just for a month.

Greg- That one is my favorite picture of the bunch :D I love the jacarands too, and I only really get my fix when I'm home!

Kate- thanks!

Bob- ugh....I would HATE to have one of those crawling on me! Now, on the ground it's no problem, and definitely less scary than a dangerous snake since they won't hurt you. But on you? Eck!

Josh said...

Snakes definitely get my vote for most creepy. Don’t get me wrong, that spider would make me scream like a sissy too, but not quite like a snake!
Awesom pictures, Addy! Next time I make it out to southern California I should know my way around the trails from all your great pictures!

e-rod said...

i love running at chsp in the evening. glad you got a chance to enjoy it too. nice pics.