Sunday, June 24, 2007

Great Find!

Jessica gets credit for turning me Mrs. May's! Mrs. May's makes great snacks that are cholestral free, wheat free, vegan friendly, dairy free, and have no artificial flavors. On top of that, they taste fantastic!!! With the categories: nut crunch, fruit and nut crunch, mixed nut crunch, and seeds, you're bound to find something you like :) So far I've just tried the Almond crunch and loved it (its basically just almonds with some kind of glaze that keeps them stuck together in little bite sized chunks). The ingredient list for them is just: "Almonds, Rice Malt, Organic Evaporated Cane Juice, Sea Salt". I like it when I know what all the things are!

My newfound excitement about this product stems from the fact that you can now get a variety pack of the snack sized baggies at Costco! The pack I got has Cashew Crunch, Almond Crunch, and, I think, the blueberry nut crunch flavor. They have 2 oz of product, which is about 350 calories worth, and are perfect for bringing on long runs :)

From what I've read, you can also get them at some Trader Jo's, Whole Foods, Walmart, Sam's Club, BJ's Wholesale (is that a back east or midwest thing?), and Cost Plus.

It's also available online both through the company website and through the always wonderful Zombierunners :)

Anyways, its a nice healthy and satisfying trail food for people who like to have nuts while running. Lately I've been having paydays and trail mix out there with me, but the Mrs may's product seems to be a bit of a healthier choice, since it's lower on sugar and such and all natural. For those with a gluten allergy, its also gluten free (I have some friends with this who let me know about the snack sizes at Costco).

I also tried an almost identical product by Mareblu which apprently used to own Mrs. Mays and makes the same kind of things. It tasted essentially the same, but I don't think they sell the small baggies. They also had this at Costco and would be an equally good buy :) (I got both! Figured you can never have too much snack food, and it keeps for a year)
The good thing about Mareblu for some people is that it's peanut free, so if you have a peanut allergy, they would be the ones to go to. It's also Kosher, for anyone that follows those guidelines. I think they have fewer flavors, but they still have seven to choose from, so you'd likely find something you'd like. It also looks like, from the website that they are touring Costcos but are only available online? Another good thing that I've just discovered is that Mareblu is produced in Anaheim (Southern California) while Mrs. May's is produced in China, so for people trying to buy more locally, Mareblu would be better.

Happy Eating!


Jessica Deline said...

Hmm... didn't know about Costco and I just got a membership there. Yay!

Addy said...

I was thinking of you when I bought them since you had mentioned that you weren't sure about getting the small bags outside of the ones that you got at samples :) I really wanted to break one out when I got home, but I know I should save them for runs :P