Sunday, June 24, 2007

Finish Line Videos!

Just found great finish line videos for 1-10th place at WS.

My favorite to watch is Andy Jones-Wilkins (4th place). He is just so estatic, hugging everyone. If you watch the later videos, you can see him in almost every one, hugging the finisher. He just seems like the nicest guy! Watching the video can't help but make me smile :) I love that he's so postive. I hope that I can have the same kind of additude when I finish my first 100 (whenever that is :) ) Scott Dunlap did a great write up on Andy, for anyone interested in learning more about him! Another cool thing, though he's now an Idaho resident, he used to live in Oakland, training at many of the parks I visited when I lived in Berkeley :)

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Bob Gentile said...

Addy thanks for sharing...was fun to watch over the webcasts the times of people we know and where they were at during the race...

Loved the videos, Andy was jacked bout when he said "OK umm I have to puke soon"... & Graham crossing with his kids was cool too:-)