Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A New Leaf

With the Tahoe Rim Trail 50k exactly a month from today, I've decided now would be a good time to recommit to a healthier lifestyle, to help me feel the best that I can come race day. Coming home is always hard. I find myself munching on foods that I shouldn't be having, and in quantities that aren't appropriate. Unfortunately, my metabolism is such that even with 40 mile weeks, I really need to watch what I eat to keep from gaining weight, which I haven't been doing. Hence, I've definitely put on 5 or so lbs since finals. Now, I'm still over 15 lbs down since last August, for which I'm thankful, but I never did reach my goal before I stopped trying as hard.

So, today (or last night, more specifically) I have made a commitment to be conscious of what I'm eating. From now on desserts (which I love) need to come from smart choices, like fruit, cereal, or yogurt. The Special K I love so dearly needs to be measured so I don't 'accidently' end up with a breakfast for 4 in my bowl. And late night snacking needs to stop. The whole eating when I'm not hungry, in fact, needs to stop. And, for good measure, alcohol (especially wine, since that's predominately what I drink down here) needs to be saved for special occassions only!

I know that when I eat healthier, I'm more motivated to run, and I feel better about myself. So here's my commitment. I'm not sure what I weigh right now, but I'm going to go back to WW next friday and hopefully will be close to my goal weight there by then (woo-hoo for not having to pay!). From that goal weight I want to lose an additional 10 lbs. Overall, I think I have about 14 to lose. I know that if I'm smart, it's not that difficult to the weight. I just need to not try to cheat the system. That never works!


Bob Gentile said...

ADDY Said: The Special K I love so dearly needs to be measured so I don't 'accidentally' end up with a breakfast for 4 in my bowl.
LOLOL ahhhh I so can relate to big Ol'e bowl of cereal in the am, love Special K too with a banana & strawberries ...usually that takes me right into dinner time:-)

Way to commit & Good Goal to FEEL ur best going into Tahoe Rim!

Jessica Deline said...

Way to go Addy. I'm with you there! I'm UP 10 pounds since last summer :( I can't get the weight off and not being able to run much probably isn't helping. Crappy metabolism.

Addy said...

Bob- Special k is certainly dangerous stuff. And one serving is so tiny! Hopefully a month of being healthy will make a bit of a difference. Blew it a bit by having chinese food tonight, but there wasn't really a choice as it was a graduation dinner. At least I didn't get dessert :P

Jessica- Not being able to run makes everything so much harder! Wish I had one of those fast metabolism that young people are supposed to be blessed with! I'm sure it just makes us healthier though, to watch what we eat, right ;)

Scott Dunlap said...

It's always best to focus on good foods, but don't worry if you can't shed the 10 lbs - the TRT will take a few lbs of "fuel" just to finish at altitude! I guarantee you'll meet your goal by the time you hit the finish line. ;-)

Looking forward to seeing you there...


Addy said...

Scott- haha...good point! Look forward to meeting you next month :)