Thursday, June 14, 2007

Frustrated with Santa Cruz

Now, as most of you know, I'm moving to the gorgeous and trail filled Santa Cruz in just over 2 weeks. I'm really excited and am looking forward to the more rural and natural landscape of the campus and the surround areas. However...

I can't find any trail specific running clubs!!!

The only running club, it seems, anywhere in Santa Cruz is the Santa Cruz Track Club which seems like a great organization but that only runs trails "now and then". Their main focus is wednesday night track workouts :( I suppose it could be good for me to learn things about speed workouts but, honestly, I'd rather unwind for the day on some trails than running in circles. I really came to depend on my wednesday night trail runs over the last few months, and even now, in OC, I'm making sure to get in my wednesday trail run with the group. I've been searching and searching, though, and even sent out a plea to the Ultra List, with no responses besides emails pointing me to SCTC.

How can a place with so many beautiful parks and trails surrounding it not have more of a running community? UCSC doesn't even have a running club, which just seems sort of ridiculous.

Perhaps once I hook up with SCTC I'll be able to meet people that I could maybe meet up with outside of the club workouts to run with. I suppose I could hit trails alone, but it's just been hammered into my head that that isn't safe, and I'd really rather run with others.

Oh well. Sorry about the vent all! I just really want to love living in Santa Cruz and am a bit shocked by its lack of groups, compared to Berkeley.


Sarah said...

Have you tried calling any of the running/sports shops in Santa Cruz to ask about group trail runs? Organized cycling groups down there are pretty easy to find, and I imagine there may be some crossover appeal.

I bet you'd get a lot of takers if you started your own group! Sometimes we must be the change we wish to see in the world I think (ok, I realize its not an original thought :)

On the other hand, sometimes one good running buddy is all you need. So maybe focus less on finding a group, and more on making new runner friends. With your outgoing and friendly nature, I'm sure you'll make friends fast.

and if all else fails...its only 1.5 hr drive to berkeley from Santa Cruz. As long as your long run is as long as your long drive, its cool, right? So we'll have to start doing 3 hr + runs together.

Kim said...

I would post something on the ultra list, that should help you find some runners.

Addy said...

Thanks Sarah :) That's a good idea about the running/sports shops. I'm actually at a bit bit of a loss to find those as well though. I've tried general searching to no avail. I'm thinking I'll go to SCTR, find out where they shop and, if I can't find trail buddies there, go inquire in the stores. Long runs together would still be fun though :)!!

Kim- I actually did, and I did get the responses of a few people living about an hour from me who said they'd be up for taking me on some trails, which is great, but no Santa cruz people besides one who just recommended SCTC. I was really suprised that there weren't more Santa Cruz people, to be honest!

Addy said...

oh and sarah, the starting your own group is a tempting possibly too, though you're right in that just one good running friend can be enough. So, I've just got to find one wednesday night available person! That does seem a little less intimidating :)

Bob Gentile said...

I run alone on hot paved flat FL roads ummmm and now T-Storms, I am thinking playing poker inside might be more fun ..

well since u were venting I joined in :-)

e-rod said...

santa cruz trail runners

it has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? it was founded in july 2007 by a frustrated trail runner. membership: 1 looking to double it soon. :)

Pete Vara said...

There is a REI Store in that area, also look into Snails pace or Fleet Feet if they have stores. Best of luck.

RSD_Terry said...


You need to run the PCTR Santa Cruz Mountains run to find some great trails to run on. That'll get you started, at least.

If you're up for running on Sunday mornings, I'll drive over the hill and join you. You find the trail, I'll come and run. ;-)