Friday, September 07, 2007

Ack...Nightmares Already?

So, almost everyone is familiar with pre race nightmares. They happen to us all, right? Well, something is wrong when they happen over a month before the event!

Apprently all my researching yesterday simply gave my brain fodder for toying with me. I had, not one, but two nightmares last night about Dick Collin's 50!

The first, I was going to the race, getting dressed somehow while driving, when I looked at the clock and saw that it was 6:15! Oh well, I guess I've missed the early start, okay, I'm almost there, I'll just start with the normal crowd. I drive up to the race, and ask the volunteers where to park. "Well, you'll need to drive 25 miles to the turn around, and take a bus back. Don't worry, the bus should only take 7 minutes". By this time, it's 6:25, so I'm getting concerned. I go to try to find parking, and have trouble. I leave my car somewhere and stop to sell a boom box (hmm? yeah...not sure the significance of that). Anyways, I go back outside, and I can't find my car! Now I'm freaking out. I ask my sister and friend if they will just take my keys, find it, and park it for me, as I really need to get to the race. However, I look in the middle of the street and about 4 amphipod bottles are lying there. At this point I realize my car has actually been stolen, and the theif had the good foresight to toss out my water bottles so that I could still so the race. Can't deal with the stolen car right now though, I've got to get to the race! I run over to the start and a bunch of runners are sitting around playing the guitar. They aren't racing today, but they point me in the direction of the start, behind a fence and up a trail out of sight. I'm frantically trying to tie a jacket for later around me, as I've missed the opportunity to leave a drop bag so I need to carry everything. Suddenly I realize it's after 7am already. I start crying as I tell my mom there's not too much chance now that I'll be able to finish the race; I just don't have enough time. She responds by telling me I need to send postcards to everyone who sent me a card at thanksgiving. She doesn't understand the gravity of the situation apparently. (In real life my mom is super supportive!).

So I woke up from that upset, but glad it was a dream, got some water, and went back to sleep.

Then I dreamed that I was getting ready again, this time in my own home down in socal, and while I was getting ready, I went to put up my hair. It looked normal, but when I parted it, I had almost no hair in the middle of my head! Instead there were masses of these crawly caterpillar like bugs that were eating all my hair!!! I was horrified, but the race was in an hour or so, and I figured I'd just deal with it later. But then when I looked at my hair pulled back, I could see my scalp literally crawling with these bugs, like my hair was alive. It was horrific. I finally admitted that there would be no racing for me today.

So, yes, I need to calm my mind down :). I think the dreams were more about general stress than race stress, but still, way for those fears to inflitrate me when I'm weak!

Off to a tired day of student teaching and a 20 miler :P


hao said...

hahaha... that was a really funny nightmare, but it's in such true nightmare format. hope you don't get too nervous. :) with your training, you'll definitely find a way to finish and finish strong on race day. smile. :)



btw, i am planning on doing a run at niesene mark next weekend? are you going to be around to run a few miles together?

Mauricio said...

Wow! Your nightmares are serious adventures!! :D

Read a book, rest, spend more time with friends, go to the movies, etc... Remember that it's all about having the most fun (races included). You'll do it good.


Backofpack said...

Those were funny - I like the way you kept deciding to "deal with it later, I've got a race to run". Funny...

About a week before Eric ran CCC I had a nightmare about it - when I got there to crew, they said I had to ride a bus to the top. It would drop us off and come back at the 30 hour cut off. I didn't have warm enough clothes to get through the night, and no way to carry Eric's gear - which was a concern because we had to hike the trail to every aid station! Too funny. I told Eric it wasn't fair for me to have nightmares about his events!

miki said...