Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Fa, a long long way to run...

[This song came on my music player early in the run and always makes me smile. I also love listening to "I have Confidence" when I'm running on the trails by myself. Julie Andrews is wonderful!]

Well, I met my plan and did the 20 miler today, which made me happy :) I decided that I just couldn't do another 'cougar watch' trail run, as I was just tired of constantly worrying, so I went *gasp* to the road!

I haven't done a road run in ages, and it reminded me of the good and the bad. It was much more mentally easier, just in terms of feeling like I was never isolated or exposed. However, it was weird to have so many people around! I definitely felt visible and that was sort of an odd thing. I missed being able to sort of dance to my music and sing :D. That flies when you're alone on trails, but on a public street its a little weird (though the slogan here is "keep santa cruz weird" so I guess I'd just be doing my part!)

Anyways, I ran from home down to the ocean and did the half marathon loop down there. I planned to run back, but cheated, because I didn't want to run all the way up to campus (there's significant elevation gain, uphill the last 3 miles) It would also have meant that I'd have done closer to 23 miles, which I didn't want to do (I was admittedly tired. My legs were sore from yesterday and probably Friday, and I only got about 5 hours of sleep the night before, and did a half day of student teaching. I just wanted a 'lazy' run). So, I just ran around downtown to get the number to 20 miles after my loop and then treated myself to a Jamba juice and a bus ride back home :)

The run, still, was just gorgeous, which is the nice thing about street running here. And I did do about 2 1/2 miles on trails, so it wasn't all pavement. The bay looked spectacular and there were truly breathtaking views to be had. I also got a view of nude men playing beach games, which made my run a bit more interesting. Gotta love the anything goes additude of Santa Cruz ;). (Disclaimer, these men were far down on a cove beach and I didn't see too much as I wasn't looking closely, just a passing glance that revealed, well, the lack of a swimsuit or anything else! I wasn't running near them or anything)

So, now no more long runs until Big Basin. Didn't try the carb drink like I planned today as I was just too tired to go to the store, but I'll make sure I have some for the 50k, which I think will be a good place to try it out. I think otherwise this week I'll do 3-4 miles Wednesday (Track practice) and then I'm thinking 7 for Thursday, with Friday and Saturday off (I want a little taper...) then racing Sunday and perhaps a medium long run monday to do a back to back. We'll see!


andyb said...

A "lazy" 20, eh?!? You're making the rest of us look like laggards. ;-) Great job with all the running, you will definitely be ready for the DC 50.

When I went to UCSC we had a number of "naked people" around campus and you never knew when you would "run" into one. It is very much a different attitude around Santa Cruz.

rick said...

It was sooo nice this weekend at Santa Cruz. I like running there. Good job on getting your miles in and no worries about not wishing me luck for the race, no need to apologize for things like that. So glad I read your blog this morning because I thought Big Basin was Saturday. I reserved the car rental for Saturday too. I signed up Friday before I left for Santa Cruz, I also think it will be a good race to get ready for Firetrails.

Addy said...

andy- I know, its funny that you can call a 20 miler lazy, but that was definitely my mindset :) I sure hope I'll be ready! It feels like the race is rapidly approaching!!

Rick- Glad you had such a nice weekend. I know, it's weird to have the race on a Sunday, I messed up with that at first too. It'll be so fun to see you there! I agree that it's an excellend pre firetrails race :)

Jean said...

Addy, you are a running machine! Excellent work, and good luck at your Big Basin race. I would have to say you are more than ready!

That picture of the cliffs along the sea...that is the view you get to enjoy while you run? Wow, how amazing! Much better than watching men playing beach games au naturel, anyhow... :)

Greg said...

Hey girl, my "pacer" (Wendy) and I will be in your hood the weekend of Oct. 21-22. She knows Santa Cruz well; grew up in Pacifica. Want to hook up? Maybe you and I can get in a good run!

hao said...

hey addy,

remember how you were saying a while back running back-to-back long runs were intimidating? look at you now. you are doing 20 mile runs like it's nothing. way to go, addy. i'll be volunteering at big basin this sunday. see you there.



Journey to a Centum said...

Nice run, you live in a wonderful area.

I'm told that in India people walking in the forests that have Tigers will sometimes wear a face mask backwards. Apparently a Tiger / Big Cat won't attack if you are looking at it. Why don't you give that a try and tell us how that works for you ;-D

I'm here to help


Sarah said...

Sometimes it's nice to just run and not have to think about it too much. Great job with your "lazy" 20!

Bob Gentile said...

Way to go Addy on ur 20 miler...ahhh thats all i have here are those roads...some areas in the park but nothing long enough so when I go to the park I drift my way onto the roads... oh well it's fine for now!

Have a great week & good time on Sunday... that guy Rick is a machine, just did a tri this past weekend & now Sunday ... Take some good pics!!

Donald said...

It's amazing how uninhibited the naked people can be. I once had to step over and around a group of them on a narrow portion of Baker Beach in SF - they never thought for a second to cover up or leave some space for others. Very strange.

Good luck this weekend!

Abbie said...

oh how pretty!
and i hope you're right about the cset, everyone else is freakin me out!

Tazz said...

Great Job ... seems just like a few months ago that this was a really long run for you ... and now just a lazy 20 !!!! Keep it up !!!


Addy said...

jean- haha...yeah, it is an amazing view :) that pic is actually from a run a month or so ago, but essentially the same as what I saw monday. It's really a breathtaking run!

greg- I'd love to run with you guys while you're up here! It will be the weekend after my 50 miler, so I might sort of suck running wise, but I'm definitely willing to try :) It'd be great to see you again!

hao- See you Sunday :D I'm looking forward to it!

Eric- I have seriously considered the mask idea :) It it works, it'd be totally worth it!

Sarah- It really is nice to have a mentally easy run :)

Bob- I totally thought about you while I was out there. Mostly along the lines of "Oh God, Bob would be dragging a tire while doing this! I can barely run normally! He is such a machine" :). Really though, I can't imagine the tire pulling thing....

Donald- Thanks! The naked people are interesting. It is natural, though, I guess...Glad they're happy at least :)

abbie- Yeah, you'll be fine! Lots of people in my program thought they failed, but they all (obviously) passed. You'll do great :D

Tazz- Thanks so much! It is funny how perspective changes :)

Dave said...

Good luck on your 50k this weekend!

Addy said...

dave- thanks!