Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Eating the Rainbow

As my race is coming up relatively soon, per Rick's suggestion, I've been trying to eat better (the sleep thing isn't happening so much, but hopefully when things calm down I'll get more). Since Safeway has pretty bad produce, I decided to visit the local farmer's market instead.


I am definitely going every week! I got a ton of good, healthy, fresh food for a great price. The vegetables all look amazing, and it was hard to resist buying everything that I saw. I got 4 zucchinis for 80 cents, a gorgeous bouquet of cilantro, beautiful orangish red bell peppers, homemade basil garlic pasta, and tasty strawberries, as well as my personal favorite, blackberry honey, which tastes fabulous! (lots of other stuff too, as you can see)

In running news, I did a track workout tonight, which went really well. We did 4 miles, and one of them (the timed one) took 7:43!!!!

Now, that's unremarkable for most of you, but I don't think that I've broken 8 min/mile since I started running again in college. And never off a treadmill. I'm pretty excited :D

I'm running with a new friend tomorrow, and fear I'll completely embarass myself (he runs sub 8 minute miles normally! I've warned him though, that I'm ridiculously slow, so hopefully he's not too bored!)

And then 20 on Friday

Yay :D


rick said...

7:43 that's awesome. When I started running I was an 11 minute miler so I can appreciate.

So I have a confession to make, I was bad with my diet today. No need to hear the sordid details but I've got Broccoli ready to steam tomorrow and I have some sweet corn I picked up on sale too. Mmmm...I love corn, I hope it doesn't get too expensive with the whole Ethanol thing.

So it's 20 on Friday now...awesome.

Jessica Deline said...

sub 8 minute miles. awesome! I'm not sure I could do that... And yea. Heat waves, earthquakes and the like. Things have fallen apart down here since you left ;)

Jean said...

A 7:43 mile is nohing to sneeze at. You have to be in very good shape to pull that off. Fantastic job, Addy!

Mmmm, food we are talking! I remember back when I was a little kid, Mom always used to say "eat your colors" to get the best nutrition, and clearly you are doing that! :)

Greg said...

Where are the freaking Cheetos?

Addy said...

Rick- Thanks :) I can't believe you were a slow one like me once upon a time! Hope that broccoli and corn was yummy and put your body back in balence :) You did motivate me to up my mileage...that's why blogs like this are good. Peer pressure ;)

Jess- Maybe not now coming of the foot thing, but I'm sure soon you could. And yes, seems like orange county just can't quite manage without me ;)

Jean- Aww, thanks! I'm definitely a food person, and think I might mention that more, as I've been getting more into cooking lately. Eating your colors is a good mantra though, gets you to get lots of vitamins :D

greg- those are off camera ;)

andyb said...

The farmers markets around here are fantastic. When strawberries are really in mouth is watering just thinking about it. The variety and unique produce available can really make for a lot of interesting and yummy dishes.

Great job running a 7:43 too. That is smokin!