Monday, September 17, 2007

What Fun!

The Big Basin 50k yesterday was so much fun :) I'll do the full report in a bit, but for now, enjoy some great footage shot by Rick (who finished fifth!!!) after I crossed the finish line in 7:41ish! (a PR again....I think these 50ks get easier with each one :D) It was so nice having so many friends at the finish line, as well as my mom and dad (my mom is the one I'm hugging). I'm definitely talking through my endorphin high though, as evidenced by my remarks about doing 50 miles :D

Some fun stats from the race results. My official time was 7:41:06 (A pr by 5 minutes). Even cooler, I finished first woman in my age group! Okay, so there were only 2 women in the 20-29 age group, and PCTR doesn't recognize age group awards since it isn't about the competition out there, but, seriously, when will I ever finish first in any category (except the 21 and under :D). Another cool stat is that there were only six women (unless I misgendered some names) who completed the 50k. I was wondering why it didn't seem like there were many out there. It's pretty cool to have been amongst this small subgroup of finishers. I finished 4th among them :) Overall, 24th. Keeping my back of the pack status firmly in place :D


rick said...

Everyone should finish that well. Great job Addy!

Bob Gentile said...

Very Niceeeeeeeeeeeeee Addy, great job and way to PUSH...ur going to do so great on ur 50 miler.

Now from that video you close hard and u like to push sooooooooo Please during ur 50 miler KEEP UP on ur FUEL, Now I know I don't have to tell you this but I figure another reminder can't hurt BUT falling behind on fuel can :-)

Awesome job & ye ye no problem on the extra 19, love ur response, your like "ya, oh YA" no doubts baby !!!

Dave said...

Congratulations, Addy!

e-rod said...

wow, addy! grrreat job out there. i want some of those endorphins. ya got any extras? :)

i was just chatting with skip right now and he told me that you are just so ready for firetrails.

congrats on the pr.

Jessica Deline said...

Great job Addy!!! And seeing Skip at the finish line means he either didn't finish or he beat you??

Jean said...

Way to go, Addy! You look so happy in the video! Congrats on the PR. And how much fun was that to share with your family?

Nicely done. I look forward to your report

miki said...

Good job Addy! It's always a good race when you can smile and walk at the finish. Nice to finally meet you. I'll look for you at DC. I'll probably be at an aid table instead of with you on the trails though. :)

rustyboy said...

Nice, job! I was there yesterday as well - you look really familiar. Were you that sweaty runner who was getting stung by yellowjackets?

Oh wait. That was everybody.

Great job!

Donald said...

Congrats on your PR. You've got many fast years ahead!

See you at Firetrails.

Josh said...

way to go, Addy! You just keep getting faster and faster! So during firetrails when you have 19 to go and you are wondering if you can do it, just remember your own words "yeah! oh yeah!"
Oct. 13th is closing in, and your ready!

Baun said...

Hi Addy - I discovered your blog via Scott Dunlap's. I enjoy reading and following your ultra running adventures. I have my first 50K coming up in 6 weeks, and have plans for a 50M in the future.

Great to see you're improving and having fun out there. Definitely inspiring! Best of luck on your upcoming 50 Miler! Sounds like you're ready and gonna do great. Rock on!


hao said...

hey addy,

this is hao. it was great seeing you at the aid station. you looked great. sorry i couldn't stay to see all of you finish. i am sure the rest of the run was as fun as the first part. :) have fun on your 20 miler today. congrats and happy bday.



Norbert said...

Hi Adelyn,
it was nice to meet you again - both before the start AND on the trail. The latter thanks to the bees otherwise we wouldn't have had the out 'n back where our paths have crossed ;-)
See you at the races

PS: Your parents rock!

Sarah said...

Look how cute you are! : ) Of course you can do another 19! Awesome job on another PR. You're just getting better and better!

Abbie said...

Great job :) I love how you're so technically savvy that you have a video of your post-race interview on your blog! When I decide on my first 50K, you'll have to come run it with me - I could use some of your positive spirit!

Andy B. said...

Great run, Addy. You are really running strong, as evidenced by new PR's each race and I'm sure you will do great at the Firetrails 50.

Sorry to have missed you at the race, but I'm sure our paths will cross at another.

Phil said...

Congratulations on another PR Addy and thanks for the great video. I liked the way you couldn't stand still. I'm amazed that anyone is still standing after 50K. You'll do great on your up coming 50 miler.

Jamie said...

Congrats on another great race. Glad you're having so much fun with ultras!

matt said...

hi addy,

i didn't meet you at the race, but i think i saw you out there as i was heading down to the turnaround on the second 25K loop...I finished last. You were looking strong on the way back up. i am not surprised to read you pr'd there.

it was a great experience. maybe i will meet you at another PC trail run event in the future. good luck and much continued success with your running and teaching goals!

Your father said...

Hey girl,

Great weekend. Running together at the start was the most fun I've had since I started trail running. Looking forward to being able to run with you for longer distances. Sorry I couldn't protect you from the bee stings, but glad I was there with you. You are an amazing person. I'm so proud.

Love, Dad

Anonymous said...

Awesome job, Addy - congrats! Can't wait to read the full report.


Greg said...

Congrats, girl!

Sarah (PCTR) said...

Great job, once again, Addy! Thanks SO much for coming out and bringing your folks - it was wonderful to finally meet them!!

Looking forward to seeing you at Firetrails in a few weeks - you are so ready!!


Addy said...

Rick- It was such a fun finish, really made the race :)

Bob- Thanks! I did try ensure after the race (didn't get things together to have it during) and thought it tasted okay, so I'll try to have it with me on my run this weekend :) Your voice (well, in a manner of speaking I guess) was definitely in my head during the race to keep up on food and liquids :)

Dave- Thanks!

Erod- we definitely missed you out there, and I can't wait to see you at firetrails!

Jess- Thanks :)

Jean- Having my family there was amazing, definitely the best way to finish a race. I was so glad to have them here especially since they won't be able to make it to firetrails

Miki- Sorry you won't be running, but I'll look forward to seeing you again soon

rusty- haha..yeah. I think maybe 10 or so people escaped? I guess it was a bonding experience...?

Donald- I hope so! See you in a few weeks :D

Josh- yeah, those words might come back to bite me, but I'm feeling okay right now :)

baun- thanks for stopping by! How exciting that your first 50k is so soon. I just had my first a few months ago, so I know more or less how you must be feeling. Can't wait to follow along on your journey!

Addy said...

hao- Thanks :) It was great to see you too! Sorry I was so distracted...I think my mind was a bit elsewhere when I came through. And thanks for the bday wishes!

Norbert- It was really great to see you again. And I really did like having the out and back, it was fun to see all my fast running friends in a race for once :D

Sarah- thanks!

abbie- just tell me when and where...I'd be happy to join you!

andy- Sorry you weren't able to run it. I'm sure our paths will cross soon

phil- haha...I know, after sprinting though, I felt like I couldn't just stop. It was all that double shot espresso gel :)

Jamie- They really are a blast!

Matt- I'd love to officially meet you out on the trails sometime! Congrats on your finish as well. It was a hard course.

Dad- I had a great time running with you too. We'll definitely ahve to do a 50k together someday (right.... ;) )

Mimi- Thanks! I'll hopefully get the report out sometime this weekend

greg- Thank you!

Sarah- Thanks so much. Saying that I'm ready means a lot coming from you :) It was so fun to run my first PCTR 50k, just because it really made me reflect on how much I've grown as a trail runner since my first trail experience at Woodside at the February race. Thanks for putting on such great events!!!

Bob Gentile said...

HAPPY B- DAY Chica!!!! ( ahhh my new favorite word --haha I got that from Lisa & Marcy-they always say what's up I jumped in on the Chica lingo :-)

Have a SUPER B-Day Addy!! It's Ur Day Enjoy It!!

PS: I tried ensure on my last long run & I think I will dilute it for my next long run...a little too much on my tummy-lol

Ya a good mantra as for ur 50 miler is "EARLY & OFTEN" u can repeat that one throughout the long day :-)