Saturday, September 15, 2007

On the Road again (or the trails as it were :) )

Time for my 3rd 50k in as many months :) Just had a lovely day with my family, celebrating early my birthday (this thursday), and enjoying a beautiful Santa Cruz day. I was given a wonderful new camera for my birthday, so I'll be taking some *hopefully* great shots at the race tomorrow! I'm really looking forward to having both my parents participate in a PCTR race (my mom is hiking the 10k, her first race, trail run, and 10k all at once :D, and my dad is doing the 25k, his longest run ever!). In addition, 3 members of OCTR came up, which is really fun. We all had dinner together, and they gave me the perfect runner's birthday present: a bag full of gus and bars! Running friends are the best :)

Tomorrow I'm looking forward to a beautiful day on beautiful trails with great people. In addition to OCTR people, there are a bunch of others going that I know from this blog world that I'll be excited to either see again or finally get to meet!

For now, I need to pack up the camelback and get ready for a great day (and hope that my pretending that 31 miles isn't that long holds true :D)


rick said...

See ya tomorrow!

Had to go to the airport to pick up my car rental. I accidentally booked it for Sunday. First I thought the race was Saturday then I screw up the car. Whew I'm screwing up heading into this run, hopefully that will be the extent it of it and it will be a good run tomorrow:)

Bringing my camera. Maybe I can catch a pic of you and parents.

Sensationally Red said...

Have a great race Addy! I think you've been a huge influence on your parents. Your birthday is the 20th? My son's birthday is also that day. Happy birthday! Can't wait to see what the new camera is capable of!

Bob Gentile said...

Have a blast today B-day girl, your focus & attitude is there & YOU'RE surrounded by family and friends...

two words only for an event like this --

"GOOD TIMES", enjoy the moments!!

Look forward hearing more about YOUR Day!!

ya and it's ONLY 31 miles(whatever--be safe))) ahhhh u should have heard all the peeps saying to me at TETONS ur only doing the 50 miler--GRRR))) said the 100's miler runners...after a while I was like SHUTTY--- :-)

e-rod said...

really wish i could join you guys on this one, but have a great run with your pa and ma.

after this run, you should qualify for marathon maniacs, eh?

Sarah said...

You're out there having a great time I'm sure! Happy early b-day! : )

Jean said...

Addy, I hope you had a fantastic day. How cool is it that your parents are participating too? That is awesome. I look forward to reading your report!