Thursday, September 06, 2007

Dick Collins 50 Resources

As with Tahoe, I thought it'd be a good idea to compile links to race reports and the like that'll be good reading as I get progressively more anxious and excited about the event at hand. I'll be adding to this list as I find things, and please let me know if you know of any I've missed! I've added a quote from each report with something either to remember about the course or strategy or something similar :)

Mountain Man Steve's 2006 Report-"The aid stations were extremely well stocked and almost too frequent if that is even possible! I usually carry two water bottles because I like to have the choice of either water or sport drink out on the trail, I also have rather high hydration needs and so I usually need them both. With aid stations rarely more than 4.5 miles apart and some as little as 2.5 miles between, I really could have done with just one."

Short Angry Person Miki's 2006 Report -"There were a lot of uphills through the area before Skyline Gate"

CoolRunning Forum DrugDoc Report - "No more than one minute at each aid station, 5 minutes at the halfway point, then turn on the afterburners only after mile 40 if I had anything left."

10/13/04 - Firetrails 50 Mile - By A First-timer -Jennifer Ray (scroll a bit)-"my lowest point came on the climb back up MacDonald grade. This section packs about 500 feet of elevation gain into just over a mile, and it was exposed and hot. My mind started to wander on the long hot climb up this hill, and my energy was quite low.

Rick's musings from 2006 (over a few post w/ picture links) -"The trails on this race were awesome. With a name like Firetrails you would think it was mostly fire road, nope. Lot's of beautiful, tree lined, soft single track - the type you encounter in Marin. The course was extremely well marked. 8000+ total elevation gain. Excellent post race bbq with enough picnic tables for tired runners to sit on."

1996 Jane Coleman-"
And I've brought away some lessons for next time: more training, more hills, more trails, more speed, a better flashlight." (for this one, the big thing is the flashlight! She finished last place, and in the dark. Something to think about since I'm thinking I'll be pushing cut-offs most likely!)

1996 Richard Pon -" I also approached this run as going from aid station to aid station (13 of them), and not as a 50 mile course. "

1997 Richard Pon - "The course through Sibley and Huckberry Preserves is all single track and beautiful. The trail is soft and dry, and the shade provided by the forest refreshing."

2001 Steve Patt -"Then there was the last aid station, just 3M from the finish, and I'm thinking, "it's all downhill from here. Wrong! To my amazement there was as almost as much uphill as downhill from there to the finish, and it was tough going."

2006 Tim Daly - "nothing flat about it (with the exception of the first 1.5 miles); the first half is tougher then the second half; The trail plunges down 1,000 feet after Skyline towards the redwood forest, and with my quads feelinggood here, I felt like I was flying. It hit Bort Meadows (44.1 miles) at 4 PM, 5.9 miles left and 90 minutes to go. "

How wonderful is this world of technology that us somewhat compulsive researchers have so much to work with!

From reading, what I've learned so far is:
  • Drop bags! I've never used a drop bag before (I have prepared a few, but never needed them) so this will be important.
  • Flashlight! as I'll be doing the early start at 6am and likely finishing late, I might possibly need lights at both ends. I need to look into this
  • Blisters! Many many of the reports talked about blisters. I have a few trouble spots so I'm going to be good and read fixing your feet and find out what to do. Gotta solve this so that it's not an issue
  • Heat can be a problem. I need to make sure I have my handkerchief (at least at the turn around)
  • the 2nd half is longer than the first (as the turn around is at mile 26). This is nice :)
  • The whole course is rolling. I knew this, but it's a good reminder


rick said...

Whoa! I clicked on the link to my blog, a whole bunch of old posts. Big trip down memory lane.

miki said...

Now you're making me nervous for reals! Hi Addy, I've heard of you often through my friend Jessica Deline in Socal and recently found your blog. What a surprise to see my DC linked on your post. I feel famous. :p
It also made me re-read it and remind me of how prepared I was last year (despite injuries) and how unprepared I am this year. I will pretty much be coasting on little to no training this year. I hope to meet you at the start.

hao said...

hey addy,

i won't join you for the 50 miler, but i've decided to do the marathon. will be rooting for you and miki towards the end. yahhhhh.



ps, are you nervous, are you nervous? :D

Bob Gentile said...

Good Stuff Addy...way to get focused in...

I didn't use have the stuff out of my drop bags but better to have it just in case. IF ur shoes are good and ur feet are use to the trails U should be good keeping ur blisters at bay...maybe tape up some of ur hot spots to more of ur local running peeps about that.

LASTLY your FUEL!! keep eating the WHOLE way..and at the end the last 10-15 miles continue the carbs/calories easy to fall behind and so hard to catch up!

My Mantra was "EARLY & OFTEN"...and I still fell behind--lol

Have u found a goood CARB DRINK Yet? like carbo pro? - ensure? I did not have a any carb drinks for the end and EATING was hard to do...but I could have still sipped on a carb/calories drink... so I will work on that & be more prepared for the JFK race.

hope that helps A little bit...ur going to do great !!

Addy said...

rick- I think I might start browsing through your old blog entries. Looks like there's some fun stuff in there!

Miki- Nice to "meet" you :) I've seen your blog linked around, but actually found your report while googling for firetrails race reports. I'm sure you'll do great out there this year. After all, you're experienced now! Hope to meet you there!

hao- Glad you'll still be there enjoying the trails in some form :) Look forward to seeing you!

Bob- Thanks so much! I really really appreciate all this great advice :D The carb drink thing is something I should experiment with. Maybe I'll try out an ensure on my 20 miler on Monday. I keep meaning to do that but haven't gotten around to it yet, and it's definitely something I should do. Thanks so much!

Donald said...

Great idea! Thanks for pulling all of this together.

rick said...

Oooo blisters! I suffer from them. Here is what has helped me.

Don't use cotton socks, get the ones that wick. Different technologies out there but the light wicking ones are great. There is a sock out there called the "Wright sock" that is made of two layers so some of the rubbing will be between the layers and not your feet. Scott Dunlap is a big believer in Injinji's the ones that fit like gloves for your feet. No sock will prevent blisters 100% and not all feet gets blisters.

The moment you feel a hotspot treat it, don't keep running. I pack bodyglide, a lubricant, for this purpose, also good for general chaffing. If it's a full blown blister I would pop it. I carry anti-bacterial cream for this purpose as well or ask the aid station people. You can use one of the pins holding your number for a needle. Some medical personnel strongly advise against bursting a blister because of the threat of infection however it's been my experience that if you keep running on it, it only gets bigger and more painful. Slather the cream and release the pressure.

Lastly be careful about dust and debri in your shoes. Those help cause blisters. If you find your shoes filling with stuff you might want to consider gaiters.

If I remember anything else I'll post the info.

Oh and if you are a coffee drinker. A couple of caffeinated gels at the later stages of a run does wonders. So does a Starbucks Frappucino if you have a way of keeping it cold.

Addy said...

donald- no problem :)

rick- thanks for the blister and caffine tips! I do actually already wear injinji socks and generally the only real problem blisters I get are on the tip of my 2nd toes, so I just need to figure out how to deal with those. I do use body glide, sometimes hydropel and the belguim butter stuff (not all at once, but just depending on what I have on hand). I'm thinking maybe some kind of taping for the toe would be best, so hopefully the fixing your feet book will have a suggestion :)

And caffine is a great thing to remember to have on hand!

Thanks for all the help :D