Friday, July 06, 2007

All Moved in!

Conquoring the massive pile of boxes

With the exception of a huge suitcase that I haven't tackled, I"m otherwise completely moved in :) So far the only glaring oversight has been my Costco card and my pen-jar(? what do you call those? penholders? A vase for pens?). Otherwise most everything has made it, which is excellent. The biggest issue is that the water in my building has been shut off for an hour or two, and I haven't gotten to shower yet :(. Here's some pictures of my new home!

My desk, the cleanest it'll look all year I'm sure!

The left half of the bottom shelf are my sports/running/adventure books :D The right side of that shelf are all the books I haven't read yet!


Gretchen said...

Wow, that was fast. Speedy girl Addy! Now don't get all excited about your new diggs and run a gazillion miles exploring all the new trails you have to run. That'll just have to's time to TAPER!!
How soon do you start school and what classes are you taking first?

Jessica Deline said...

Looks cozy! I like the Ultimate Direction bottle on your nightstand! :)

Kim said...

Wow you're organized, decorated and everything!! I still have things in boxes after 7 years!
Glad to see you make it still smiling!

Bob Gentile said...

Oh O, is Santa Cruz READY for Addy?! Well you better get ready CUZ Addy is Un-Packed and looking to RUN on by You peeps :-)

Great Job on your room and getting it all done & focus on more important things like good running trails!!

You are going to do Awesome! Enjoy the new area.

Skip said...

Hey Addy glad you made it up there okay and your room looks pretty cool with that great view of those trees.
Keep up the core work and those trails should be full of banana slugs. It was a great time running and hanging with you and I hope we can hookup at the SF Marathon.

Phil said...

Looks like a great place. Post more pictures of the campus when you get a chance. Although I went to a UC school (UCLA), I never got up to UC Santa Cruz.

Also ... you need to update your profile with your new locale and eMail address.

Have a great time at Grad School.

Anonymous said...

You are going to do so well at the Tahoe 50k! I am looking forward to the report!

e-rod said...

so this post was at least 3 days ago, and you've had a full weekend in sta. cruz already. my guess is that you've already explored 20 miles of trails already, right?

so how many members does your new sta. cruz trail runners club have already? :)

Addy said...

Gretchen- I'm trying to resist ;) I start school on the 23rd of July, and will be taking just basic teaching things, I think a technology course, a diversity course, and one other. How's your taper going?!?

Jessica- gotta have the UD :D

Kim- I tried. Still not completely unpacked as I ran out of hangers, but I'm getting there!

Bob- Thanks!

Skip- I looked for banana slugs today, but alas, it was too dry. Took some pictures of Big basin I'll have to share with you!

Phil- I will definitely do that :D And my locale is officially updated

erod- haha..not too far! Explored 15 miles of Santa Cruz today :D So far no official group but I've met a friend that might want to run with me some. Figure I should wait to start a group after the 50k, otherwise I won't be able to schedule very many runs!