Monday, July 09, 2007

Loving Norcal

Well, I don't have the energy for a full post right now, but I've had a wonderful running/hiking weekend to remind me fully why I love living up here! The Santa Cruz campus is simply amazing. I'll definitely take some pictures when I get a chance, but to give you an idea, this is the view out of my bedroom window :

I have trails less than 50ft from my apartment, and the air out my window smells like the forest :) I did go on a hike around campus friday, and saw 5 or 6 deer (including one with horns!), a mole, and, while I was on the wharf, a seal! How cool is that :D

Saturday I headed up to Berkeley (by way of Palo Alto) for an amazing morning of brunch and enjoying a spa with my old housemates, which left me relaxed and very happy!

After that I met up with my Berkeley running friend sarah and we went to athletic stores to go shopping, carboloaded for dinner and headed to bed by 9:30 (she graciously let me spend the night! Thanks Sarah!) She got up at the crack of dawn (Before actually) to do the Race across Marin (which she did awesome at) and I left at 7:15 to get down to Ross to meet Mike Palmer and co. (Ernesto and Ann) to do a long Mt. Tam run. We ended up with 25.55 miles in just over 7 1/2 hours, and awesome day by all acounts!

Today (Monday) I went hiking with a new friend, despite my slightly sore legs from yesterday. We headed into big basin and out to the falls, which was beautiful and amazing, but had us transversing 15 miles! Granted, it was mostly hiking (though we did run the fun downhills!) but still, another 7ish hours on the feet.

I'm fairly certain that 40.5 miles in two days is the most mileage I've ever covered, and I'm definitely feeling it.

Tomorrow will be a rest day :D

Without a doubt, Santa Cruz is awesome! I just need to get in better shape so that I can enjoy it all.

Unfortunately, I need to now be in full taper mode for the 50k. Eeks...its in less than 2 weeks! I swear, I'll start resting soon ;)


Bob Gentile said...

Addy Said: I'm fairly certain that 40.5 miles in two days is the most mileage I've ever covered, and I'm definitely feeling it.
Ummm ya I think it may be UMMM, Hmmm , let me think about this, ummmm I think it's time to TAPERRRRRRRRR :-)

LOL Glad u Enjoyed ur weekend, you are going to love it there...just dont forget to squeeze in a few classes in between the trails:-)

Anonymous said...


Nice photos, you have an eye for that!

Two things, and I am not picking on you....deer horns are antlers. Midwesterners know that..

Also, it is the "butt crack of dawn!" That is just too fun to say to go around saying plain old "crack of dawn..."

OK, just fooling around....enjoyed your post.

Addy said...

bob- I know :D....Didn't mean to do so much today, but it's hard not to want to be outside all day!

Mike- haha...I know they're antlers, but these were short ones, without the prongs, so they were much more like horns. Do you still call them antlers even when they're little? And, I promise...I'll get the saying right next time ;)

Phil said...

25 miles in 7 hours. You just crack me up. The last time went from a 7 mile run it was across the Grand Canyon (south to north) and that took me over 7 hours to complete 21 miles. You're in great shape for your 50K.

Jessica Deline said...

yeah well.. I "guess" Santa Cruz is "almost" as good as Orange County ;)

Really though I'm glad you are loving it and having a good time!!

e-rod said...

sweet view, and trails 50 feet out your door? life sure is tough ain't it? :)

Josh said...

I forget, are you training for a 50k or a 50 miler?! That is some very impressive mileage, Addy! I can't wait for your race! By the way, you have no idea how jealous I am of where you live :)

Kim said...

Trails, 50 feet!!

Sarah said...

awww, you and the old roomies look gorgeous! It was wonderful to host you in Berkeley Addy. I'm glad we got to catch up, and that we both had such epic days in Marin! My race results were finally posted, I don't know if 'awesome' is how I would describe my finish, but I was solidly middle of the pack (and by pack, I mean 5). yep, only 5 women completed both legs of the Race Across marin.

p.s. the running skirt is smokin'

Addy said...

phil- Thanks! I'm thankful for the reassurance :)

Jess- I'm definitely missing the OC and all you wonderful people...but I do love it up here!

e-rod= oh is hard ;)

Josh- just my 50k...but I've just signed up for my first 50 miler in October!!! I'm sort of freaked, but not thinking about it until after this weekend

kim- it's pretty amazing

Sarah- Wow...only 5 women! That is so incredible. You should be so proud!!!