Friday, July 20, 2007

Last Minute Details

Well, the race is now in 21 hours. This time tomorrow I'll be well into the race, and hopefully having a great time :D

Last night I had the traditional pre-race nightmare, because really, what race experience would be complete without that ;)? This one had me signed up for the 50 miler, and doing it as a sort of relay so that I could just run the 32 miles. The woman helping me out by running the first half (also 32 miles, because in dreams 64 apparently equals 50) was sending reports via email (and was running a day before me, on saturday). I was really enjoying the reports and was writing back thanks when I suddenly realized it was 12:04pm. On Sunday. I had missed the race! I just became overwhelmingly depressed that after all my prepping and planning there was nothing I could do. I immediately decided that I would do the Headlands 50, but it was small consolation.

So, I think this dream has two meanings. One, apparently I'm going on my computer too much ;). The last few days I've been spending increasingly more time on here, looking at directions, making lists of things to bring, reading race reports, looking at photos, anything to help me feel more prepared. While I like feeling like this will all help me have a better race, at some point I guess you just have to let go. Two, I'm afraid of missing the start of the race. Now, my family has promised that they won't let that happen (and I don't think I'll let that happen either) so I don't think that's something I have to worry about.

The only pressing thing I need to fix before the race are my gaiters. Apparently the last time I used them left them worse for wear, as the hook on one came off completely and the velcro on the back of both my shoes also came off. I bought more velco, and am buying some superglue to get it to stick. I'd buy a hook, but I'm not sure where to get them, so I'm thinking a safety pin will keep it on.

I do have the option of a drop bag, but I think I'm going to pass on it, as I can't really think of anything that I'll want in it, and it's just something extra to deal with. Also, My only access would be miles 11 and 17.2, which are still firmly in the middle of the race, rather than towards the end when I feel like I might be more in need of something special. With my hydration pack and the storage it affords me, I can't really see why I'd want to worry about stuff in a bag. When I did a drop bag at the Diablo Marathon, I never used it, except to unload my pack of things that I actually ended up needing, so I think I'll let it be. That said, I guess just having a bottle of sunscreen and perhaps some pita chips (if my stomach starts bothering me) might be a good thing to have. I don't necessarily have to have much in the drop bag. Any recommendations for this would be great!

I'm off to the store now to get a few things and then its to the packet pickup around 2, a stop by fleet feet in carson city where I might get a new shirt (well, a new version of the shirt I like wearing. Mine is looking pretty grungy), and then to Scott's for a get together :) It'll be fun to meet a bunch of the bloggers that I've gotten to know online, and to meet some other amazing athletes that I'm sure will be there. We're doing our own pasta bar here for dinner tonight, with multiple sauces and pasta types so everyone in my family can have something they enjoy! Then it's off to bed, hopefully not too late, and up by 3 or so to get ready to go :) Ack! My stomach already has butterflies and I still have almost a full day to wait. Feels like how I used to get on Christmas Eve, excited for the special morning.

Thanks everyone for all the encouragement over the last few weeks. I feel like I've been drawing this out, posting about it so much, but happily, it's almost here. One of the things I'm looking forward to is just being in a race that has so many amazing athletes. I've never even been to a 100 mile event, and though they'll be starting an hour earlier than me, it's quite possible (or even likely) that I'll be passed at some point by the faster peoples. I still think of people who do hundreds as semi-celebrities. All you accomplished 100 milers are all so awesome :)

So as my last post before the race (unless I start going crazy during the night and decide to post when I can't sleep) so I guess the next time I post, for better or worse, I'll have had my first 50k experience :)

Thanks again everyone!


Backofpack said...

The couple of times I've used drop bags have been for rainy WA weather - I've had a dry shirt to put on. I also had a refill of my own drink. Sometimes I've used them, sometimes not.

You'll do great! Good luck!

Sarah said...

You'll do fine! I've never used a drop bag for a 50k, but it might come in handy if you'll need different clothes or need to remove layers.

Best of luck!

Josh said...

I feel like I have been anticipating this day as long as you, lol. You are going to have a great time. Don't worry if you can't sleep tonight. In fact you probably won’t sleep much, if at all. It won't affect you once you start running. I didn't sleep at all the night before my first 100 and it didn't bother me a bit. You’re going to do AWESOME!!

Abbie said...

I have dreams that I miss races, too, so don't feel bad :) Good luck tomorrow - you'll do great!!!!

Sensationally Red said...

Have a great race!! Can't wait to hear how it went.