Monday, July 30, 2007

When this is the backup run... must be pretty good :)

After much procrastinating and almost giving up altogether, I finally got myself out the door for a 12 miler. It wasn't all that pretty, and my legs were much more tired than I would have liked, but I did it, and that was the most important thing. This will be a good solo route, as it's pretty safe (I hope!) and pretty as well. I'm glad I got myself to get out and run after this morning's let down. Time to get serious about training :D

And what a beautiful run. This was the run that made me want to live in Santa Cruz over a year ago, just because I'd have the ability to do this run all the time. I hadn't done it yet, and it was nice to remind myself of how taken I was when I first experienced this beautiful place :)


JohnF said...

Nice pictures. Scenery almost makes me want to move out there.

Kim said...

WOW. That is a gorgeous place to run.

e-rod said...

when you have that to keep you company on your solo run, well, maybe one is not such a lonely number after all...ahh gotta do a beach run now :)

Jessica Deline said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures!!

Greg said...

Where's all the pavement?

Sarah said...

Beautiful! I love Santa Cruz...considered moving there after graduating from college eons ago. Hopefully your next meet-up with the SC track club will go better. : )

Addy said...

john- almost....? what's holding you back ;)

kim- it's pretty special

erod- I like that idea! I definitely wasn't feeling that lonely, though I still do miss running with a group. Enjoy the beach!

Jess- thanks :D

greg- pavement doesn't get pictures...unfortunately all but about 2 of the 10 miles were on it, but luckily most was asphalt, so a bit better than concrete

Sarah- I hope so! I think I might try to go to their track workout on Wednesday, as much as I generally don't like tracks, just so I can be sure to meet them