Monday, July 30, 2007

There's a Mouse In my House!

Well, in my apartment, but it's essential the same thing. The little guy has been a resident for a bit over a week (I first discovered 'evidence' of him when I arrived home from tahoe), though I had thought it had gone back home to the heater room a few days ago. However, last night it made a brief appearance by the cupboards, and today it made itself well known when my housemate (a new addition as of today) reached into the drawer with the oven mitts and accidently stumbled upon him. He climbed down the back of the drawer into the space below it under some bags. We decided to scare it out into a box, but he's quicker than we thought and shot out of that space into the kitchen, running around and finally went under the oven.

I'm embarrassed to admit it, but I screamed. Loudly. I felt very stereotypically feminine - in a very negative way- with that encounter. Those things just move so darn fast! So, we've blockaded the space under the oven with a towel and heavy books for the time being, even though that honestly probably won't hold him. As long as he stays in the kitchen, I'm okay, but I would just rather not have him curl up with me at some point during the night. He's bigger than I thought, and just isn't an appealing bed companion :)

I think I'll look into getting one of those humane traps so we can just catch the little guy and release him into the forest. I tried building one last night, but to no avail. Apparently they've been gorging themselves on oatmeal, and so were not tempted by my offers. Hopefully it's just him, and he hasn't brought over any friends.

Until then, I think I'll perpetually have the song stuck in my head that was one of my first performance pieces on the piano when I was 8 or so,

There's a mouse in my house
and it whispered to me
please, can I have some swiss cheese please?

There's a mouse in my house
and it shouted with glee
Swiss Cheese is the Cheese for me!

Any advice on the catching of a mouse (preferrably without hurting it) would be greatly appreciated :)


Journey to a Centum said...

I hate mices to pieces!

Yeah you might be thinking about trying to catch the little guy and free him/her to the forest now but in time you will be buying a shotgun and blasting your appartment to smitherines. You will want to kill that little rodent and all his friends for eating your food and leaving you presents in your silverware drawer. It's just a matter of time.

Professional exterminators suddenly seem like a very good bargin when you discover unwanted fury little guests. Perhaps your appartment manager can help you.

Jessica Deline said...

eeek! I'm not sure how to catch one without hurting it and I'm not sure I'd want to try either. Good luck!

Your father said...

Based on my experience in the struggle for co-existance between humans and small mammals, there is no easy or pretty way to attain the peace of mind that comes with not sharing your home with mice and rats. I favor the classic mouse trap, baited with peanut butter and some rolled oats. Not just 1, but lots of traps. Experiment setting the trap without any bait until you get the hang of it, then set them for real. When you get one you, cover with newspaper or paper towel or an old rag and just toss the mouse with trap in a plastic garbage bag, the take to the outside trash. Have tried the sticky traps, but as they don't kill the beast, you have to handle the live animal during disposal. yuk.



rick said...

"Those things just move so darn fast!" Running partner?:) If one those surprised me, I'm not so sure I wouldn't scream like a girly girl either.

Bob Gentile said...

little buggers...i had one in a condo of mine about 7 years ago...scared that crap out of me and umm yes I screamed and I believed I was on my toes also--LOLOL that sucker went right under the door like friggin magic--POOF & he was gone!! I wanted him out and put poison & traps out & got that little bugger the next day in a trap...eeek, squished :-(

sorry Addy I was not so humane, if I would have trapped him and caught him I would have let him go but UMM ya they are fasttttttttttttt!! so umm listen to ur Dad :-)

trap up !! or u may have that little mouse scat across ur toes in the middle of the night--YIKES!!Talk about a heart rate spike--LOL

e-rod said...

set a trap of cheese and wine. what better way for the mouse to enjoy his cheese than with some wine. when the little guy is intoxicated enough, just pick him up and drop him off to meet his country or city cousin.

might not work with vegan mice though.

Addy said...

Eric- but its not his fault that he wandered into our apartment. I suppose if they were multiplying and posing a serious threat then maybe I'd feel less friendly towards them, but really, they just ate some oatmeal no one wanted anyways...

Jess- I know. Eww is right

Dad- I like that you left me a message on here :)

Rick- haha...I'd definitely never be able to keep up :D

Bob- definitely don't want any mouse evening encounters

erod- now that sounds like a good trap, potentially for mice as well as people :)