Monday, July 16, 2007

Enjoying the Beauty of Tahoe

Well, I'm officially in one of the most beautiful places ever, about a 45 minute drive from my 50k this weekend :) My family and I are all settled into the condo that we'll be staying in this week and are enjoying ourselves, planning lots of fun activities that hopefully won't get in the way of my taper too much!

Today we went kayaking for an hour and a half or so from California to Nevada and back! Sounds sort of's always fun to go across that state line :D. I've already finished one book (Resurrection by Tucker Malarkey- a book about the discovery of the gnostic gospels. Pretty good, but a little slow!) Now I'm reading Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen, which I'm liking so far. I'm envisioning lots of reading this week!

We have hikes planned and potentially some running as well, though with all the other activity we usually do up here, I'm thinking that perhaps running might be a bit too much. I'll probably do a few miles wednesday maybe but we'll see. At this point it's all about preserving my fitness, right?

I can't believe after everything, the race is almost here, in less than 5 days. It seems unbelievable! I'll probably be freaking out a bit more later this week, but for now there's just and underlying hum of nervousness around me. The first hurdle I've faced is that my optomologist accidently canceled the order for my left contacts, meaning that I recieved a box for just my right eye! They've promised to overnight the other pairs, and hopefully I'll recieve them soon, but I couldn't help but think it was a bad omen. I don't believe in that stuff though, right? Anyways, it sounds like I will be able to see for the race after all, pending on the success of the mail delivery system up here in Tahoe. Ironic that of all the places to have blurry eyesight, it has to be in a place that we're visiting in a large part just to eye it's beautiful vistas.

I'll be going back and rereading all my research and the race reports I saved when I first signed up for the race, gearing up for it. It's just going to be amazing (I hope!)

Any last minute tips, or things for me to remember from you seasoned vets would be greatly appreciated, as I'm definitely the kind of person to end up out there without some basic necessity :)

For now, I'm off to read some more, and enjoy an amazing dinner of my mom's unbeatable baby back ribs, corn on the cob, and homemade ice cream for dessert. Being on vacation is wonderful!


Josh said...

last minute tips...don't forget your running shoes! You don't need any last minute tips. You are ready for this race and have been for a while now. I am happy that you will finally get to enjoy it after all this time!

Sarah said...

Rest up! Enjoy! Savor every moment! You'll do great! : )

Bob Gentile said...

YES Addy PLEASE do the ICE Bandanna thingy You will love it and it will give you a good boost of energy in that heat during ur race...just make sure you have ur bandanna, they will have the ICE!! Weather looks great for the weekend, U can probably break it out about 15-20 miles into the race.

Your going to do Awesome, just give it ur Best!! Enjoy ur time with your family and VISUALIZE crossing that line!!!

Phil said...

No tips, I'm just in awe of your ability to run that far. You really are in one of the must beautiful places on the planet. Just relax the first few 30K and run your race, there will be plenty on time over the last 20K to run fast.

Kim said...

No tips, you are ready for this!
Just eat well this week, and rest. Maybe a short run or two-do not over do it!

Pete Vara said...

You are going to do great this weekend. You have alot of support and you trained well. Good Luck

e-rod said...

i'm so excited for you, addy--your first 50K and in such a beautiful place with your families* cheering you on. don't worry about the race. you've put the miles behind you, and you are ready. just relax and you'll do great.

*your family + octr

Sensationally Red said...

I'm with them! No tips but to savor the sights and have a blast! You'll do great. Looking forward to that race report.

Addy said...

josh- my first marathon race nightmare was that I showed up at the starting line without shoes! Now that I usually wear flip flops to the trails and then change into shoes, this could be a real concern ;) Gotta be aware come saturday! I'm happy it's here too :)

Sarah- Thanks

Bob- I definitely will use that (both the ice and the visualization technique!)

phil- thanks so much :) Good advice that I'll try to follow!

kim- the eating thing is hard with the vacation, but I'm trying to switch over to being a bit healthier with the race just around the corner. Last thing I want is a stomach ache come race morning!

Pete- thanks so much :)

e-rod- you're so sweet. I'm looking forward to seeing *both* my families at the race :D

Red- Thanks! I'm sure I'll have a huge report to be writing!

Skip said...

Good luck partner! You will do great. Enjoy the astonishing beauty of your run. Your OCTR family wishes you a successful first ultra.