Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Websites that Relate to TRT 5oK

As a great form of procrastination, I decided to post links to sites with either pictures, race reports, or other goodies relating to this race (or its longer counterparts). Possibly this will interest no one but myself, but it'll be a nice resource to have for me at least :)

Race Reports
Scott Dunlap 50 k
Scott Dunlap 50 miler

Rajeev Patel's 50 M

Davy Crockett's 100 M

George Miller's 50k

Matt Chamberlain's 100 M

Steve Patt's 50 k

Keith's 50 M

Well, that seems to be all I can find for the time being. If anyone knows of any others out there, send them my way! I'm trying to learn everything I can about this course :)


Goodies for the Race
Zombie Runner- To buy all the new things that I'll need, including, but not limited to:

cooling bandana

crystalized ginger and ginger chews

Some kind of Hydration system- Camelbak Dream, Camelbak Magic, UD Wink or waistpack of some sort. Does anyone have recommendations of waistpacks versus Camelbaks? I've not run with either, and I'm not sure what to go with!

Salt Stick Electrolyte Capsules or Suceed! Electrolyte Caps (anyone have recommendations one way or the other? I've never taken salt capsules, and I'm not sure what to go with!)
Dirty Girl Gaiters

That's it for now, but I'm sure that list will grow :)


RSD_Terry said...


Where should I start? TRT is a great course. Awesome views and it took me 9hrs to complete. It's a nice climb up to 9000 ft. We should really sit down and talk about this course. You'll get more from that, rather than anything I can write here.

I use a handheld bottle and a single bottle waist pack. Both of those are the Amphipod ones. The waist pack is very comfortable.

I have a couple of camelbaks, too. One is a 45oz waist pack and the other is a 100oz backpack style. I use them on really long runs when I don't have support. I don't use them in races where there are aid stations to refill fluids.

Zombie Runner is great. Yes, get some ginger and try it out on a training run because trying to use it in a race. It does settle your stomach nicely. On those longer runs you'll find you go through highs and lows and I find that my stomach comes into that sometimes. The ginger is a nice trick.

I have a couple of pairs of the DirtyGirlGaiters. They're great for keeping the little rocks out of your shoes and reducing the likelihood of blisters. I'm sure you'll be able to find lavendar in the array of color options.

Either of your electrolyte options will work. You'll probably want to take 1 cap an hour the first time you use them. Again, you'll need to use them in training first to make sure you're taking the right amount. If you still cramp in training with 1 cap/hr, then up to two. Otherwise you stay at one.


Josh said...

Thanks for posting all those links about TRT! I am still hopeing to run it. The course seems so great!

Addy said...

Terry- wow, thanks for all the great tips! We should definitely talk so that you can share with me all the secrets of the race :)Karen lent me some ginger on Saturday, and it definitely seems like a good thing to have on hand. Plus, I love ginger :)

josh- I'm so glad that someone besides me can find these links at all interesting. You should definitely come out sometime to run this race. It looks amazing!

Kim said...

You get get a cheap version of either a cambelback and a waist pack and see which one you prefer. I started out running with the waist pack, and then tried a camelback, and didn't like it at all.
I use Succeed caps and they work just fine.
Dirty Girl gaiters are great! And they really help keeping small stuff out of your shoes.

Addy said...

kim- thanks for the recommendation on what to do with the water situation :)