Tuesday, March 20, 2007

And roads it is for tomorrow. I'm just feeling too wiped right now to deal with the extra effort of going up and down the firetrail. Plus the trail sort of wrecks my quads a bit with that long downhill, and thats the last thing I want for Saturday. After this weekend I'm going to resume hill workouts though and start buckling down on specific 50k training. The trails and I are going to become friends :)


RSD_Terry said...

I've checked the weather and it's looking pretty good for running on Saturday. Not too hot and no rain.

Did you attend this event last weekend? Ave the old growth oaks, and all that?


If I hadn't already planned my son's birthday party for that day, I would have gone up there. This guy takes awesome photographs.

Have a great week. See you Saturday.


RSD_Terry said...

Oh, yeah, and did you notice that we're both Virgos. ;-) Not that it means much. hahaha! Just a bit of trivia.