Monday, March 19, 2007

First Day Back!

After no workouts since last Tuesday (save one strength training session during which I started feeling as though I was going to pass out) I headed to the gym this morning to see if I was well enough to do something active again. As per the doctor's orders, I used my albuterol inhaler this morning before heading over to the gym. Got to the locker room and started to change, only to discover that...

I forgot my shorts!!!

So, apparently a workout wasn't in the cards for the morning. I decided to use the time, since I was on campus anyways, to go to the library and get books for my thesis, and then hurried home to grab those pesky shorts before class. After my first class ended at 11, I went back to the gym, this time with all the right parts of my outfit, and got on the elliptical

I decided that since I lost all of last week that I wouldn't worry about it and would instead just treat this week as I normally would have and see how that goes. On that vein, I did my 'normal' monday rountine of an hour of cross-training. Lately I've been doing some or all of this on the stairmaster, since I've been figuring that's one of the more challenging machines for me, and would be effective for getting my uphill leg muscles working. However, since I'm not fully recovered I decided to save the stairmaster for another day and just take it easy.

After being almost inactive for 6 days, the elliptical was heavenly!!! Granted, the few coughing fits that showed up were somewhat annoying, but still, it felt great to sweat, to get my heart rate up, to just have some me time. I really really missed it.

Tomorrow will be my first run in exactly a week. I'm hoping that I didn't lose too much fitness from the time off, but I'll honestly be glad to just be running at all, even if it's a little slower. I'm still planning on running the 30k race this week, so hopefully the rest of this cold clears out in the next few days.

Still, I'm so glad to be back :)

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RSD_Terry said...

I'm glad you're back into the groove. Careful not to overdo things before the big day on Saturday.

I've been looking at the course. I remember this one from an envirosports race that I ran a couple of years ago. I was originally thinking that I'd run wiht you for a while, and maybe I will so that we can chat a little at the start. However, if you're not planning to run much the course is challenging enough that I'll need to put in more effort, to complete under the cut-off, than I would to stay with you. I'm sure you understand.

I do want to hang with you for a while and chat, though. So, I'm expecting you to turn up, so I cna have someone to talk to at the beginning. ;-)