Sunday, March 25, 2007


Well, I safely got down to Orange County for the start of spring break, and despite some definite soreness from yesterday (especially the quads!!!) I got myself to do 6.2 miles around the lake at a 9:38 pace!!!

I'd be happy with that pace on a flat course on a good day, and to hold that around the lake (very hilly) after yesterday's 18 miles is really reassuring. Of course, my legs hate me now, and going down stairs is a serious challenge. One of my toe nails is also starting to turn purple...we'll see if it actually comes off or if its just complaining :)

It was really fun to be out there running though, even with the soreness. I'm amazed at how much easier the lake loop is than it used to be.

In other news, plans are definitely going forward for the TRT 50k It sounds like my parents have accepted my goal and will be supportive, which is a definite plus. I'm so excited!!!


Josh said...

Awsome job on the race, and the run on sunday! Being able to run those 6 strong miles a day after 18 is a really great sign! You will be more than ready for the TRT 50K!

RSD_Terry said...

Awesome, Addy. I just relaxed on Sunday and gave myself permission to take the day off after a new PR for the 50k. Then today I did Yoga and an easy 2 miles on the treadmill. If it's not raining tomorrow, I might head out for 6 miles myself.

Have a great week in OC.