Tuesday, March 20, 2007

It's Raining!

Well, my first run back was a bit on the wet side. Never really passed beyond just sprinking, but it was wet enough to leave the music at home and to internally question my decision to run in the rain while I was still sick. Luckily, common sense seems to have no real place amonst my running thoughts, so that question was immediately silenced in exchange for my feelings of happiness at running again.

Unfortunately, those happy feelings were competing with feelings of tiredness. Apparently the workout yesterday took more out of me than I thought (thank you cold) and I definitely didn't feel as fresh as I had hoped I would. Tired legs, weird side ache, and a bit of blahness, on top of my few moments of trouble breathing, led me to turn around at Bancroft for 4 miles instead of 5. I don't want to do anything that will make me too tired since I have that 30k the weekend. A little worried about going 18.4 on Saturday after having a not-easy 4 miler, but I'm planning to walk a lot, so I should be fine. Plus, I'll bring my brand new inhaler, just in case my lungs decide to give out on me :)

Not sure yet if I want to brave the trails tomorrow night (I miss them and it would be fun, but would probably be harder on my body) or just stick with road running this week so that I'm fully recovered for Saturday. Hmm....delimmas :)

Right now I'm killing time while waiting to meet with Sue about thesis stuff. I planned to go the gym during the break (have my gym bag with me and everything) but I left my umbrella in the car, and I really don't want to walk all the way down there in the rain (yes, I'll run it it, but I won't walk in it). I just need to do weights, so I think I'll just do them at home later. My arms are actually a little sore from doing the push ups yesterday, so I'll give them a break.

And speaking of breaks, spring break starts in just a few days. Only 5 days until I'm home with my family!


RSD_Terry said...

See, this is what happens when you post your blog information elsewhere. People follow you. ;-)

I whimped out and ran treadmill today. I had a lunchtime seminar to attend on preparing for disasters, so I only had a short time anyway, so the gym is the best place.

I also found out today that the manager of our gym is leaving at the end of the month and being replaced by Susan Armenta, who is the current American Record holder for the 50k race walk. I need some pointers so that I can improve my 50k times, I think. ;-)

See you at Pirates Cove on Saturday.

RSD_Terry said...

This is a pretty cool blogging site. I decided to start my own and see if I could keep it up.


My wife blogged our Europe trip last year, too, if you're interested.


Josh said...


I am glad to see you started a blog for your training! I know writing about my running really helps me stay motivated. Good luck in your running, and Congrats on getting accepted to grad school!

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