Saturday, March 31, 2007

A Run of Many Parts

I had a very odd and broken run today, but overall very good. First, I ran 10.62 miles with my dad (with a .38 walk back to the house up a steep hill at the end). He's training for his first half marathon on April 22nd and this was his longest run ever! I'm so proud of him!!! I've also talked him into letting me email around and try to find a trail running group that he can join. He's been worried about his joints becoming damaged from the running, since he did lots of sports in high school that beat up his body a bit. I'm trying to be very non-pushing, but I have fantasies of us going running on trails together and maybe even doing races together someday. He loves hiking and such (did the John Muir trail, 220+ miles over a month after high school) and I think doing trail races would be a great thing for him. He's still a bit slow right now, and uses walking breaks, but, to me, that seems perfect for the trail running mentality ;) He's promised to come to the pre-race dinner with me for my 50k, and I'm hoping a bit that seeing so many other men his age doing the race will make it seem achievable.

We've got to get through the 1/2 marathon first though!

(My Dad and Me at Christmas with my first pair of trail running shoes and a tech shirt I got him for his 1/2 marathon training. We were both about to embark on new running adventures here!)

After the run I rested for a bit, had some water, and then headed out to the RSM lake, which is 1 mi. around. Got myself situated, shut the car door and realized the keys were still inside!. I used to lock my keys in my car quite frequently in high school, but hadn't done it since then. My spares are up in Berkeley, so I was definitely in a fix. Felt a bit like crying and sat for 20 minutes or so trying to figure out what to do. I then decided to run to a phone to call home (running is such a great way to deal with stress!), so ran the 1/2 mile or so to a pay phone. I didn't have money though, so I then ended up going to a B of A and they kindly let me use their phone. I called AAA and spoke to a very nice man who made me feel much better and talked me through everything. I bought their insurance, and they sent someone right out to unlock my car within 15 minutes.

After getting through all that, I finished up my run, doing another 4. 38 miles and a .62 mile cool down.

All together, my second run was 5.38 miles, giving me 16 miles for the day.

And it only took me 5 1/2 hours ;)


Journey to a Centum said...

Wow! I didn't know that you could call AAA and pay for their insurance on the spot to have someone come out and unlock your car for you. Thanks, I learned something today that may come in very handy.

The Tahoe 50K looks like fun and scenic race. I've run the Tahoe Triple (the first two legs before I blew out a tibia) and really want to get back to complete the final leg (Tahoe Marathon).

From what I've read of your blog you are definatly addicted to running. Enjoy Tahoe and make sure your dad builds a strong base of shorter runs before building his mileage too soon. Remember the 10% rule!


Addy said...

I know! It's a handy thing to know, and not something I knew myself until I tried :)

The Tahoe Triple is something that I'd love to attempt some time. That must have been so frustating to become injured 2/3 of the way through. Hope you're able to get back soon to make your triple complete!

I am a bit of an addict, but I figure its much better than being addicted to unhealthy habits, so I'm at peace with it :)

After an overexuberant start in which he got injured (against my strong recommendations!) my Dad's been pretty reasonable with his training, not trying to take on too much. I'm so proud of him though for the progress he's made!

Thanks so much for stopping by :)