Saturday, March 31, 2007

A Run of Many Parts

I had a very odd and broken run today, but overall very good. First, I ran 10.62 miles with my dad (with a .38 walk back to the house up a steep hill at the end). He's training for his first half marathon on April 22nd and this was his longest run ever! I'm so proud of him!!! I've also talked him into letting me email around and try to find a trail running group that he can join. He's been worried about his joints becoming damaged from the running, since he did lots of sports in high school that beat up his body a bit. I'm trying to be very non-pushing, but I have fantasies of us going running on trails together and maybe even doing races together someday. He loves hiking and such (did the John Muir trail, 220+ miles over a month after high school) and I think doing trail races would be a great thing for him. He's still a bit slow right now, and uses walking breaks, but, to me, that seems perfect for the trail running mentality ;) He's promised to come to the pre-race dinner with me for my 50k, and I'm hoping a bit that seeing so many other men his age doing the race will make it seem achievable.

We've got to get through the 1/2 marathon first though!

(My Dad and Me at Christmas with my first pair of trail running shoes and a tech shirt I got him for his 1/2 marathon training. We were both about to embark on new running adventures here!)

After the run I rested for a bit, had some water, and then headed out to the RSM lake, which is 1 mi. around. Got myself situated, shut the car door and realized the keys were still inside!. I used to lock my keys in my car quite frequently in high school, but hadn't done it since then. My spares are up in Berkeley, so I was definitely in a fix. Felt a bit like crying and sat for 20 minutes or so trying to figure out what to do. I then decided to run to a phone to call home (running is such a great way to deal with stress!), so ran the 1/2 mile or so to a pay phone. I didn't have money though, so I then ended up going to a B of A and they kindly let me use their phone. I called AAA and spoke to a very nice man who made me feel much better and talked me through everything. I bought their insurance, and they sent someone right out to unlock my car within 15 minutes.

After getting through all that, I finished up my run, doing another 4. 38 miles and a .62 mile cool down.

All together, my second run was 5.38 miles, giving me 16 miles for the day.

And it only took me 5 1/2 hours ;)

Friday, March 30, 2007

Now I need to be an Ultrawriter

As a result of the excitement from finally signing up for the TRT 50k I've been in a flurry of sending and responding to emails, checking out fellow running blogs, doing reading and research, and just generally enjoying myself.

However, I have the first draft of my honors thesis due in 12 days. That's 40-60 pages of intelligent discussion on my topic of choice (Wuthering Heights and The Secret Garden on their portrayal of children and childhood and how The Secret Garden is actually a response to and critique of Wuthering Heights) So far I have 32 pages of writing that isn't at all connected, and an 8 page outline that is very nice, but...well....8 pages.

So, I need to focus. I need to get this done so I can focus on the fun stuff!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

All Signed Up and Ready to Go!

Event: Tahoe Rim Trail 50K/50M/100M Endurance Runs
Category: Tahoe Rim Trail 50K
Registrant First Name: A
Registrant Last Name: Bonner-Lyon
Registration Date: 03/29/07 08:14 PM
T-shirt size? Small
Number of Pasta Dinners? 2 ($24)

I agree, warrant and covenant as follows:
ALL ENTRANTS MUST SIGN WAIVER Waiver: In consideration of accepting this entry into this event, I undersigned, do hereby for myself, my executors, and administrator, waive and release any and all rights and claims for damages I may have or acquire against any beneficiaries, organizers, sponsors, advertisers, employees, and Federal, State and local government or private parties on whose property this event may be run, or any and all injuries suffered by the participant due to participation in the event. I am aware that races of these distances are extremely difficult and hazardous for even well-conditioned athletes under the most favorable conditions. I am physically fit and sufficiently trained to participate in this high altitude endurance event and assume all risks of such participation. The race covers difficult mountainous terrain and spans great extremes of altitude and temperature. I have been warned that I should not participate in this event unless: a) I am in excellent physical condition; 2) I have previously run endurance distances. I understand and agree that situations may arise during the race, which are beyond the control of race officials or organizers. These factors include, among other things, the fact that I may become injured or incapacitated in a location where it is difficult or impossible for the event’s management to get required medical aid to me in time to avoid physical injury or even death. No entry will be accepted without signature.

A Bonner-Lyon

Aak!! I'm officially signed up for the 50k. There's no going back now :) And I couldn't be happier. The 'covenant' that I signed looks slightly intimidating (death?!?) but I'm going to put in the training. I'm going to get on those trails. I will be ready!


I'm going to become an ultrarunner
Round and Round and Round She Goes...

I ran around RSM Lake today to give my legs a break from the hills. Unfortunately, my legs were remembering only too well the hills that I've been battling in the last week, and didn't let me forget it. I hadn't run a flat course in a while, and I can't say that it was as 'easy' as I had imagined. I think I like hills to break up the monotony of things. Plus, I love running downhill :). Anyways, since my legs were sore, I decided to take it easy, for the first lap. However, after that, I decided that instead of indulging my legs, I'd make them work, and decided to go for negative splits. Each lap got progressivly harder, and after 5 miles, I was pretty tired, but definitely wanted to push out for the end. The results were well worth it:

m1- 9:59,
m2- 9:36,
m3 - 9:24,
m4- 9:17,
m5- 9:04,
m6- 8:38

for an average of a 9:20 pace :D

Whenever I get below 9:30 pace, I'm super excited, and getting below 9:00 is a cause for celebration! Granted, I was wiped at the end and definitly couldn't have gone longer at that pace, but I'm excited that I was able to keep it up for 6 miles. I also ran at high noon, so it was warmer than I've been used to (high 70s). Getting hot in that, though, reminds me of all the heat training I need to do to be ready for this summer.

Tomorrow is an off day, which should be good in terms of doing work for my thesis, if nothing else. I did work for 2 hours this morning, and am planning on doing in for the rest of the afternoon/evening after I shower and eat, but I have so much work to do!

I think I'm going to try to suggest a family hike for Sunday up on Saddleback Mountain. I've never hiked there before, and just looking up at it today during the run made me eager to go exploring. Hopefully I can get some takers!
Hit 300!
Hit 300.7 miles today for the year, which finally puts me back on track to get in my 1,200 miles by December 31st. Hopefully I'll exceed that number, but I want at least an average of 100 miles/month. I'm trying to get back up to around 40 miles a week, though, which should make hitting the goal nice and easy. After the time off post marathon in January, though, I've definitely been playing catchup.
Looking to hit 40 miles for the week. Only 26 to go :)

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

8.5 Miles
Did a nice 8.5 mile route today with lots and lots of hills, and still managed to keep the pace below 10 min/mile :) I'm starting to get used to being faster than I used to be. I definitely wasn't thrilled about the hills while I was out there, but I'm glad that I"m doing them. The hills around here aren't incredibly steep, but they all last about a 1/2 mile at least. And nothing is flat. We'll see how I feel tomorrow though. I'm planning to do 6 tomorrow, but if I'm too sore I might go down to another lake nearby and do the run there instead, as its a flat loop. Downside is its only a mile around, so I'd have to do 6 laps! We'll see.

(RSM Lake with Saddleback Mountain in the background)

In other fitness news, I can now dow at least 5 'real' pushups at a time now. This might not seem like anything, but up until less than a month ago, I was unable to do even one normal pushup. I've been religiously doing modified pushups though, as well as arm weights, and its really starting to pay off. My motivation is looking at female ultrarunners (A Race for the Soul especially) and seeing how fit they all look, and how strong. I want to be like that someday :)

I can't believe it's already wednesday. My how the week does fly by!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Websites that Relate to TRT 5oK

As a great form of procrastination, I decided to post links to sites with either pictures, race reports, or other goodies relating to this race (or its longer counterparts). Possibly this will interest no one but myself, but it'll be a nice resource to have for me at least :)

Race Reports
Scott Dunlap 50 k
Scott Dunlap 50 miler

Rajeev Patel's 50 M

Davy Crockett's 100 M

George Miller's 50k

Matt Chamberlain's 100 M

Steve Patt's 50 k

Keith's 50 M

Well, that seems to be all I can find for the time being. If anyone knows of any others out there, send them my way! I'm trying to learn everything I can about this course :)


Goodies for the Race
Zombie Runner- To buy all the new things that I'll need, including, but not limited to:

cooling bandana

crystalized ginger and ginger chews

Some kind of Hydration system- Camelbak Dream, Camelbak Magic, UD Wink or waistpack of some sort. Does anyone have recommendations of waistpacks versus Camelbaks? I've not run with either, and I'm not sure what to go with!

Salt Stick Electrolyte Capsules or Suceed! Electrolyte Caps (anyone have recommendations one way or the other? I've never taken salt capsules, and I'm not sure what to go with!)
Dirty Girl Gaiters

That's it for now, but I'm sure that list will grow :)

Monday, March 26, 2007

Mmm...Best Meal Ever!

So, while I'm sure the amazingness of this meal had a lot to do with how hungry I was when I made it, it still deserves to be noted, because it was really great (and healthy!)

1 c. Brown Rice (cooked)
1/4 c. Water chestnuts
1/2 c. Snap Peas
1/2 c. Assorted Broccoli, Cauliflower, and broccolini
Red Pepper flakes (to taste)
Garlic (to taste)
Lemon Juice (to taste)
Soy Sauce (to taste)
4 oz. Chicken
Lots of Pickeled Ginger

I get the boil in a bag rice, which makes for easy cooking there. I steamed the broccoli mix and added it to the chicken, water chestnuts, and snap peas in a skillet. I then added a generous tablespoon full of garlic, a sprinkle of the red pepper flakes, the juice from half a lemon, and some cooking spray and sauted it all together. After I got the flavers going, I sprinkeled it all with soy sauce. Then I just mixed it all together and added a large portion of pickeled Ginger on top. Added some extra soy sauce, and it was ready to be eaten.

It made a ton of food, was super filling, and was nice and healthy. In all regards, a success :)

Sunday, March 25, 2007


Well, I safely got down to Orange County for the start of spring break, and despite some definite soreness from yesterday (especially the quads!!!) I got myself to do 6.2 miles around the lake at a 9:38 pace!!!

I'd be happy with that pace on a flat course on a good day, and to hold that around the lake (very hilly) after yesterday's 18 miles is really reassuring. Of course, my legs hate me now, and going down stairs is a serious challenge. One of my toe nails is also starting to turn purple...we'll see if it actually comes off or if its just complaining :)

It was really fun to be out there running though, even with the soreness. I'm amazed at how much easier the lake loop is than it used to be.

In other news, plans are definitely going forward for the TRT 50k It sounds like my parents have accepted my goal and will be supportive, which is a definite plus. I'm so excited!!!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Just a quick recap for now, I'll do a better race report when I have more time, but the 30k this morning actually went great, despite my fears :)

(Self Portrait after the race, back in Berkeley!)

My overeating on thursday punished me today by making my stomach off for the whole race! Almost the entire 18 miles I had some kind of side ache, though it did get better after the first few miles. It was a beautiful course though, even though it was incredibly foggy and cold. We missed out on the spectacular views that usually grace the course ("I think the golden gate bridge is somewhere over there...hmm...") but it was still pretty great.

I got clicked in with some 50k runners right away, since they did the 30k first and then the 20k, so that was great to have company the whole time. Because of the sideache I had to go super slow (lots of walking) but my legs never felt too tired, which was great. Finished in a super slow 4 hours (lots and lots of walking) but considering how sick I've been the past few weeks, I'll take it :) It was a beautiful course and a beautiful day and I'm glad I got to be a part of it. It was also great to meet and re meet some familiar faces. I finally met Terry, who I've been chatting with in the internet world for a while now, which was really fun, and I got to talk to Gail again, who I had run woodside with a few months prior. I even ended up running with her husband for the last 4 miles of the race. And my friend, Jenny, came along and did the 20k in a super fast 2:18! It was so great to have a friend to share this experience with :) More details of everything to follow!

My lovely dirt sock tan (and blood blister) The beautiful feet of a trail runner :)

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Amazing Video!

Well, I can't figure out how to actually post this on my blog, the link below goes to a video of a solo climb of El Capitan, and is really quite amazing. The video quality isn't amazing, but its definitely worth a watch.

Dean Potter [Solo] The Nose of El Capitan [Yosemite Valley]

I can't see myself ever really getting into mountain climbing since I have a bit of a fear of heights, but it would be so amazing to do something like this. I've always had such a special place in my heart for Yosemite because of all the family trips I've taken there over the years. I can't wait to go back and do some great hikes that I've never been in good enough shape to do before. Specifically, I want to climb to the top of Nevada Falls. Yosemite is such an amazing place and I hope to make visits there over the rest of my life


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

And roads it is for tomorrow. I'm just feeling too wiped right now to deal with the extra effort of going up and down the firetrail. Plus the trail sort of wrecks my quads a bit with that long downhill, and thats the last thing I want for Saturday. After this weekend I'm going to resume hill workouts though and start buckling down on specific 50k training. The trails and I are going to become friends :)

It's Raining!

Well, my first run back was a bit on the wet side. Never really passed beyond just sprinking, but it was wet enough to leave the music at home and to internally question my decision to run in the rain while I was still sick. Luckily, common sense seems to have no real place amonst my running thoughts, so that question was immediately silenced in exchange for my feelings of happiness at running again.

Unfortunately, those happy feelings were competing with feelings of tiredness. Apparently the workout yesterday took more out of me than I thought (thank you cold) and I definitely didn't feel as fresh as I had hoped I would. Tired legs, weird side ache, and a bit of blahness, on top of my few moments of trouble breathing, led me to turn around at Bancroft for 4 miles instead of 5. I don't want to do anything that will make me too tired since I have that 30k the weekend. A little worried about going 18.4 on Saturday after having a not-easy 4 miler, but I'm planning to walk a lot, so I should be fine. Plus, I'll bring my brand new inhaler, just in case my lungs decide to give out on me :)

Not sure yet if I want to brave the trails tomorrow night (I miss them and it would be fun, but would probably be harder on my body) or just stick with road running this week so that I'm fully recovered for Saturday. Hmm....delimmas :)

Right now I'm killing time while waiting to meet with Sue about thesis stuff. I planned to go the gym during the break (have my gym bag with me and everything) but I left my umbrella in the car, and I really don't want to walk all the way down there in the rain (yes, I'll run it it, but I won't walk in it). I just need to do weights, so I think I'll just do them at home later. My arms are actually a little sore from doing the push ups yesterday, so I'll give them a break.

And speaking of breaks, spring break starts in just a few days. Only 5 days until I'm home with my family!

Monday, March 19, 2007

I'm excited about running tomorrow :) Not sure how far I'll go, but hopefully at least 4 or 5 miles. I can't wait!
First Day Back!

After no workouts since last Tuesday (save one strength training session during which I started feeling as though I was going to pass out) I headed to the gym this morning to see if I was well enough to do something active again. As per the doctor's orders, I used my albuterol inhaler this morning before heading over to the gym. Got to the locker room and started to change, only to discover that...

I forgot my shorts!!!

So, apparently a workout wasn't in the cards for the morning. I decided to use the time, since I was on campus anyways, to go to the library and get books for my thesis, and then hurried home to grab those pesky shorts before class. After my first class ended at 11, I went back to the gym, this time with all the right parts of my outfit, and got on the elliptical

I decided that since I lost all of last week that I wouldn't worry about it and would instead just treat this week as I normally would have and see how that goes. On that vein, I did my 'normal' monday rountine of an hour of cross-training. Lately I've been doing some or all of this on the stairmaster, since I've been figuring that's one of the more challenging machines for me, and would be effective for getting my uphill leg muscles working. However, since I'm not fully recovered I decided to save the stairmaster for another day and just take it easy.

After being almost inactive for 6 days, the elliptical was heavenly!!! Granted, the few coughing fits that showed up were somewhat annoying, but still, it felt great to sweat, to get my heart rate up, to just have some me time. I really really missed it.

Tomorrow will be my first run in exactly a week. I'm hoping that I didn't lose too much fitness from the time off, but I'll honestly be glad to just be running at all, even if it's a little slower. I'm still planning on running the 30k race this week, so hopefully the rest of this cold clears out in the next few days.

Still, I'm so glad to be back :)

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Body Fat %

So i got this tested, thinking that it would be 'fun'

I was wrong!

Despite having a bmi of 22.7 (very healthy!) according to the test my body fat % is


That is obese. According to the test, I am obese. How can I run marathons, work out 6 days a week, strength train twice a week, eat healthily, and have a healthy bmi, and be considered obese! It just doesn't make sense.

Okay...time to move on :)
Tired of Being Sick

So, I've now been sick for over a week and I'm done. Thats it. No more being sick! I feel like my muscles have atrophied from lack of use.

Granted, a part of me has enjoyed the excuse to be incredibly lazy. I can't believe I took off 3 training days (plus the rest day).

I'm also excited that taking 4 days off of running seems incredible and like too much. I'm glad that I don't like to stop working out for that long.

So, with inhaler in hand, I'm going to try to run today, after my body composition test. It'll be a beautiful evening and I can't wait to go and enjoy it! I don't know how much I'll try to run, and I'm thinking maybe just three miles or so, so but hopefully I'll feel okay and be able to run fairly normally. My lungs still feel tight, but maybe they just need some exercise :)

Wish me luck!

Friday, March 16, 2007

In my inbox:

Dear Adelyn Bonner-Lyon,

I am pleased to offer you admission into the Masters degree
program in Education at the University of California, Santa
Cruz beginning in the summer 2007 term. As you may know,
admission to graduate standing at UCSC is highly competitive;
by accepting this invitation, you will be joining a select group
of advanced students whose academic records evidence their
potential for superior scholarly achievement.

We are able to offer you the following financial support for 2007-2008:

Graduate Fellowship, 1 Qtr: $1,591.00

for a total support package of: $1,591.00

How amazing is that!?!? I can't believe that I just get that much
money for going to their school!! They must really want me there :)

I'm feeling smart lately, which is wonderful since my thesis is really
making slow progress. At least I feel like I'm doing something right!

As this is a fairly life changing event, it seems fitting as my first post on this blog :) I just gained acceptance into UC Santa Cruz's credential and masters program so, starting this summer, I'll be on my way to becoming a teacher! My entire life I've thought that I'd go into teaching, despite various points where I tried to reject that path. However, now this goal is completely tangible and looming closer than ever. I've start imagining what my classroom will look like, how I'll teach the subjects, what books I'll read outloud to the students after lunch time.

I've always been a perfectionist, and I know I won't be satisfied with being just a 'good' teacher. I want to be great; I want to be a teacher that is remembered by her students years later as having made a lasting impression. I want to put together the curriculum in insightful and fascinating ways. And I want to encourage athleticism amonst my students. Not in terms of competition but in terms of making being active fun. I hated running and most PE things because I was never a natural athlete. Now I know that that's not important. I really hope to have some kind of Girls on the Run program at my school that I can help run to encourage girls to be active and enjoy it, even if they are the slowest one out there. I wish someone had explained to me that being fast wasn't everything, and didn't mean I was bad at being active.

My life is going to change so much over the next year, and I can't wait to see where it's going to lead!