Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Ack! My Back!

In my effort to finish my strength training routine before I went to class monday, I rushed through the movements and somehow tweaked my back. Its the right lower side, and boy, did it hurt! It didn't really hurt at all at the time, but just got progressively worse until yesterday when certain movements caused me to audiably express how much it hurt!

My dad, an experienced sufferer of back pain, gave me a exercise routine (closer to stretching than a workout though) to help, and told me to do it twice a day and apply ice.

It hurt like crazy last night (and kept waking me up) but is more managable today. My 'ice pack' is a frozen bag of broccoli, and I used that again today after doing the exercises. This worries me mostly because of the Marathon I'm scheduled to do this weekend. However, my dad is confident that if I do what he says, it should be fine in a few days. Here's hoping!

Depending on how it's feeling, I'm going to try for a short run tonight. But, most important is being well for sunday, so it I think it might make it worse, than I'll just cut my losses and rest.

Arg...this is not the time to get hurt!


maniac hippo said...

I hope it recovers, Addy!

One thing I'm still learning is to trust. To trust that even if I'm not 100% at the start that I'll have a good day. To trust that even when awful unexpected things happen at mile 35 that I will face them with grace and be delighted that I muddled through. To trust that even when I'm a huge mess after running that I can patch it together to run another race on the weekend.

And we all need a good reason to slow way down at the beginning right? This could be a help for Mt Diablo.

RSD_Terry said...

Ouch! Hopefully you'll be better by the weekend.

Just in case, I'll bring some topical pain relief cream that I got as samples when I tweaked my knee during the 50 miler.

Sarah said...

I hope you're better soon!

And how cool that you are running with your dad. Loved the race report! : )

mtnrunR said...

so important to have strong core muscles. helps with the back thing. i too need to do core/back exercises. get better dang it!

Addy said...

Thanks guys!!!

Hippo- Definitely what I needed to hear. Trust is a great thing to focus on and be accepting of. I'll be keeping that in mind this weekend :)

terry- Thanks! Its a lot better, so hopefully I won't even feel it come sunday!

Sarah- Glad you liked the report :)

Tom- Thanks! I'm working on getting that strong core. Wish doing crunches was more entertaining ;)