Friday, April 13, 2007

Really Entertaining :)

Great Running Related Stories!

The most recent one about pacers is all I've read so far, but its very enjoyable :)

(exerpt from story)

A Wilmington City couple have taken legal action against a pacer for allegedly setting too fast a pace on a steep climb of nearly fifty feet over two miles, the lone uphill section of the Hawkeye Hundred. Lucius and Judy Poke, of the 400 block of Burke Rd., are claiming they asked William Bliss, neighbor and veteran marathon runner, to assist Lucius in the final 40 miles of the grueling 100 mile footrace, and that his blistering pace – estimated between 14:30 and 15:20 minutes per mile – ultimately caused Lucius to drop from the race. Under Iowa law, runners are responsible for the actions of their pacers, so the Pokes will be taking themselves to court. “It was unexpected,” said Judy of the legal twist, “but we’ve decided to move forward with the suit. Bill nearly killed my Loosh with that pace, and the people responsible need to be held to count [sic]. Loosh ain’t no spring chicken no more, you know. He got the gout.”

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Ellie said...

Isn't it a riot? I read that, too. Like you, I'm training for my first ultra (50-miler, end of July.) I don't know what I'm doing... just going about it like marathon-training only a little more so :-)