Saturday, April 28, 2007

Race List

After a productive (and expensive) shopping trip this morning, I now have lots of fun goodies for tomorrow. Felt like this was as good a place as any to make my list of what I need to bring. Let me know if you see anything missing!!

To Wear:
Moving Comfort tank (white)
cooling bandana (teal)
visor (pink)
nike shorts (blue)
sports bra (blue or black)
gaiters (blue)
trail shoes
injinji socks (sand)
wright socks (over top)
sunglasses (new!)

To Apply:
Spray on Sunscreen (Spf 50)
hydropel (feet)
poss. tape feet?

To put in Hydration pack:
cliff shots (2)
cliff shot blocks (1)
sports beans (1)
succeed tabs (10?)
tylenol (4)
ginger chews
crystalized ginger
ind. sunscreen packet
ind. bee sting gel packet
ind. poison oak packet
2nd skin blister pads
sml body glide
water (haha..better not forget this)
ipod (maybe?)
sml flashlight (just in case!)

Bring in Car:
Flip flops
Sweat Shirt
Book (in case I get there super early, as I like to do)
Cell phone
money ($3 for parking)

Not sure yet if I want to do a drop bag. Could be fun, but I'm not sure I want to worry about getting it back afterwards.

I'll keep looking at this today, and hopefully if I've fogotten something, it'll jump out at me at some point :)

Weather forcast is down to a high of 77! Good good news

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RSD_Terry said...

Cool list. Sounds like you'll be carrying a lot, though. I hope none of the "To Wear" list are new items. Racing is not the best way to test new clothing. ;-)