Sunday, April 08, 2007

It's official!

Well, I've been eagerly checking the TRT official site to wait for them to update, and they finally have. My name is now on the entrant list for all to see :) Feels like it's finally official!

2007 Entrants

Registration Limit 400
[First Come, First Serve - regardless of distance]

(Last updated April 7th, 2007)

Event Total to Date: 178

(53 Entrants)

Rose Asquith Beckworth, CA F 47
Molly Blake Austin, TX F 23
Adam Blum Los Gatos, CA M 43
Adelyn Bonner-Lyon Mission Viejo, CA F 21
Ezra Brown Austin, TX M 34
Brian Castle Citrus Heights, CA M 51
John Chappel Reno, NV M 75
Laura Chappel South Lake Tahoe, CA F 41
Thomas Comar Atascadero, CA M 63
Sharlee Cotter South Lake Tahoe, CA F 50
Jessica Deline Rancho Santa Margarita, CA F 30
John Demorest Colfax, CA M 56
Mark Evans Grafton, OH M 51
Laura Exner Madison, WI F 36
Brian Faist South Bend, IN M 23
Matt Ferguson Vacaville, CA M 42
Donald Freeman Carson City, NV M 57
James Furnish Ridgecrest, CA M 64
Renee Gorevin South Lake Tahoe, CA F 50
Chris Haines Coto de Caza, CA M 48
Stephanie Hiemstra Truckee, CA F 31
Jeanie Hoepfel Houston, TX F 59
Jeff Isaacson Reno, NV M 44
Susan Jorth Incline Village, NV F 45
Sarah Kane Truckee, CA F 29
Harold Kline Phoenix, AZ M 47
Brenda Knox South Lake Tahoe, CA F 45
Martina Koldewey Sunnyvale, CA F 43
Carol Lane Concord, CA F 60
Laurie McDonough Half Moon Bay, CA F 31
Michael Milaszewski Potomac Falls, VA M 54
James Morrill Vacaville, CA M 36
Alan Neumann Bakersfield, CA M 52
Roy Pena Manteca, CA M 49
Jill Quivey Manassas Park, VA F 41
George Ralphs Las Vegas, NV M 50
Margie Read Placerville, CA F 54
Jim Rice Broomfield, CO M 50
Don Root San Rafael, CA M 49
Debra Sheets Frazier Park, CA F 50
Sydney Shepherd Arlington, VA M 44
Bettie Smith Placerville, CA F 55
Bruce Smith Placerville, CA M 58
Dan Spencer Grass Lake, MI M 30
Randy Spell Huntersville, NC M 47
Terry Spell Las Vegas, NV M 50
Claude Spencer Clarklake, MI M 60
George Spencer Olympia, WA M 53
Francesca Stone South Lake Tahoe, CA F 45
Catherine Sullivan Nevada City, CA F 36
Daniel Vargo Salt Lake City, UT M 42
Andrew Wallace Austin, TX M 47
Phil Wright

Looks like I'm the youngest person so far signed up for the 50k, but there is a 21 year old signed up for the 50 m and another for the 100m. It'll be fun to meet some other trail runners my age :)

San Ramon, CA




Jessica Deline said...

woohoo!!! I'm on the list now too! :)

mtnrunR said...

neato, can't back out now. Not that you would want to anyway. You're going to have a blast!

Addy said...

Jessica- Yay!! We're going to do so awesome out there :)

Tom- No chance I'm backing out! I'm planning to have an amazing time out on that trail