Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Productive Running

I'll try not to make this too long as there are definitely other forms of writing that need to be done (ah! I don't think I'll be sleeping tonight :( ). My car was finally ready to be picked up this afternoon so I decided to kill two birds with one stone and run a roundabout way to the dealership, getting in 5 miles. (I also got to try out my new injinji socks! I'm pleased so far)

Because I didn't workout at all yesterday my legs felt great for the beginning, which was fun. I did have the temporary fear that I had forgotten how to run (do you guys ever get that after a brief hiatus from running? Even just a few easy days makes me fear that I've lost it all) but that went away once I got out there. Unfortunately, I've been eating like crap the last two days (paper stress) and definitely had it hit home that bad food = bad run. I felt pretty sick (the warmness of the day didn't help) and my calves started tightening as well. Luckily after 3 miles it was pretty much literally all downhill, and I got to relax. Arrived at the dealership gross and sweaty, but feeling good.

After a bit of mix ups about the payments, I finally got my car back and celebrated by going to the store and buying some zucchini (my new favorite veggie!) avocados, and some lean cuisine pizzas (surprisingly good!). I'm planning on making a veggie intense pizza for dinner that will hopefully power me through the night!


Loomdog said...

Hey nice BLOG! Good luck with the Thesis.. Ugh I still have nightmares about trying to get papers in on time....yet I keep going back to college! Odd? Hey good luck at THT. And for the record I ran my first 50K trail race off a long run of 19 miles one month after graduating form college. (the first time) I ran road marathons for two years after that, then did a 30,31, and 33 mile trail runs in preporation for my first 50 miler. Both initial runs (50K & 50 mile) went great off that preperation.

Addy said...

loomdog- thanks for laying our your mileage for the jump into ultras for you. It really helps to hear what other people do in terms of long runs. Especially as I'm starting to think about do a 50 miler this fall, I'm really curious as to what distance before is 'enough'.