Thursday, April 26, 2007

Enforced Taper

So, the back is a little better, but not that much. I've scratched the rest of the week's runs, so will just be resting until sunday (and probably spending lots of time in bed!). It feels better when I wake up and then gets progressively worse, so it seems like the best thing is just to by lying down a lot. I'll do the back exercises That I got from my Dad to keep any of the muscles from getting weaker, use my ice, heat, and ben gay (recommended by a friend's doctor parent) and just hope for the best. I still have 2 1/2 days to recover, and As long as I take it easy, I think that can work. I feel weird only having run 3 miles this week (which, incidently, felt amazing! I took it super super easy and yet still maintained just over a 10 min/mile pace. It was a good confidence booster)

At least I'm planning to walk most of this marathon anyways :)

On that note, I have to (or, I guess, get to) have 2 drop bags at the race (that will be accessible at miles 5.9, 11.8, 13.8, and 16.6- at all but the last aid station. How cool is that?) Having never done this before, what kinds of things does one usually put in these? And, what kind of bag is usually used? I was thinking plastic grocery bag w/ sharpie name? Or should I use a 'real' bag?)

Also, what kind of pain medication is 'running approved' I remember there's one that you really really shouldn't take and one that's okay. As I've been taking lots of pain meds for the back, I'm actually concerned about this and will probably switch over to the okayed medication soon so that I don't have anything detrimental in my system on race day.

Can't believe I'm doing a marathon this weekend....



RSD_Terry said...

Hey Addy,

I won't be using a drop bag for this race, but if you want to you can put a change of shirt in there, some special food that you like to eat -- perhaps a sandwich to make a change from the PB&J. I'd use a regular bag, since it'll be more durable than plastic.

As for pain meds, I've used Tylenol, Asprin, and Ibuprofen. It really depends on which you prefer and are most comfortable using. If you do decide to use meds, use them sparingly.

Gretchen said...

Don't worry about taking time off, being well rested will really make your day Saturday better. If you have a bag that isn't precious to you, you can use it for a drop bag, but I prefer heavy duty plastic. I suggest a change of socks in your bag! Maybe several just in case. Also if you're prone to blisters, put in any blister stuff you use. Food and drink you like.
Here's an interesting article on ibuprophin that Krissy Mohel posted about on her blog.
I will still use Advil in a race if I really need it, but if it's a hot day and you're out there for a long time it's safer to avoid it.
Good luck this weekend! I'll be running a half marathon in Carson City so when Im oiut there I'll remember to send some good vibes your way for your back!

RSD_Terry said...

One more point about the drop bags is that since you're not running the 50mile race, you might have to wait around a while at the end before you get your stuff back. So, if you put things in the bag that you want back, you could be waiting around.

Jessica Deline said...

People put all kinds of things in drop bags. Some might put first aid supplies. Change of clothes. New socks. Spare pre-filled and mixed water bottles. Extra gels, food, etc. Some people use cheap plastic bags and dont expect back what is in there. Otherwise something more study is a good idea. And yeah - what Gretchen already said about advil, etc. Good luck and have fun!

GandaMan said...

Stay away from ibuprofen during the race. In fact, if you can, stay away from pain killers all together during a run. Afterwards, have at it. But try to avoid them during.

As for the drop bag, I've used a nylon bag I got as a giveaway years ago. I like it b/c unlike a plastic bag, it won't rip, but if I lose it, no biggie (which hasn't happened). I usually throw in a change of socks, a few Clif bars and some gels, Body glide, bottle of water and/or sports drink, maybe a different shirt (tank top if I expect it to get warmer, long sleeve if it's going to cool down).

Hope you feel better for the run. Enjoy yourself. I'll be running the Oklahoma City Marathon that morning.

Journey to a Centum said...

Addy - I've met some people who wish they had put cyanide capsules in their drop bags.

Certainly drop bags for a marathon are a luxury item. If you have a favorite sport drink that you prefer over the "house race drink" then it's probably a good idea to drop some bottles. Any special foods that you like to snack on during long runs so you don't have to carry for the whole race.

I've done a lot of reading on which pain meds to take. I've gotten the general impression that if you have a weak or malfunctioning renal system Ibuprofen should be avoided. Tylenol is probably a safe call but I'm not in the medical industry. Olga gave the the following advice regarding pain relievers on my blog:

"Don't go heavy on Vit I - it may cause stomach distress. It might be late, but if you can find Arnica (herbal/homeopatic) and take a tab every 2 hrs it prevents soreness rather than treats it."

I'm going to go to a local Vitamin market and see if I can find some Arnica for this weekend.

Have a great time with your marathon! I hope your back holds up. Don't sweat the forced taper. Less is more!


RSD_Terry said...

Arnica's an interesting option. You can get that from Whole Foods. They're tiny little pills that you let dissolve under your tongue. I think I have some, so I'll pop them in my waist pack.