Friday, April 06, 2007

Awake for 30 hours and counting...

Like any good college student, I know the value of procrastination. So, knowing that I had a paper due Friday by 10:30 I did what any smart 20 something would do and didn't look at the prompt until 10 pm. Suffice to say, I didn't get any real rest last night, not even my traditional short naps due to a difficult prompt.

However, there is something exhilarating about staying up all night, about somehow beating your body's need for sleep. I kept thinking about all the 100+ milers who stay up that long but are running the entire time. Technically I ran the 11.5 during my 30 hours of being awake, but there's nothing really significant about that since I was essentially just sitting around for the whole evening portion. Reading all the blogs about people's 100s that have been going on lately (or that they're training for) makes me eager to do a hundred of my own some day. I like the idea of running for over an entire day, watching the sunrise. Watching the sun slowly rise from my bedroom window is fun, but being outside and experiencing it would be even better. Obviously I'm a long, long way from the 100 mile scene, but it is definitely one of my life goals before 30 (preferably before 25, but I don't want to go too quickly and get injured)

My car is in the shop and will *hopefully* be ready later this afternoon so that I can rejoin up with the Tam Trail Trekkers tomorrow morning (Sarah from Wednesday's run has offered to be carpool buddies with me so that I have company on the drive and run :) ) and enjoy a nice morning on the trails of Tennessee Valley


Kim said...

It isn't quite so exhilsrating while you are actually doing it does help to know that once you see that second sunrise, you will feel better.
Of course, it would also help to be faster so you aren't still running to see that second sunrise!

mtnrunR said...

yes indead, i don't want to see the second sunrise the next time i do states. i will see the second sunrise in at least one 100 this year. but i hope to be in the dark again for my next one.

you'll be there. it is only one foot in front of the other at 4.1 miles an hour.

Addy said...

Being faster would be good too :) Eventually I'll hopefully only see one sun rise in a 100 miler, but realistically, I'm guessing there'll be 2 in a good number of my first attempts :)

kim- I'm sure it's not,but I can pretend while I'm still hopelessly ignorant ;)

tom- Good luck staying in the dark!