Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Monday and Tuesday Runs

Good runs the last few days, with some nice speed thrown into the mix

Monday I ran a speedy 3 miles at a 9:03 pace after the long 8 hour drive back to berkeley. I have a lot on my plate right now and was feeling the stress for the last hour of the drive and really needed a run to recenter. After running and taking a shower, I always feel so much better and happier about the world :)

Today I did my normal 6 miles at a 9:43 pace, which I was very happy about. All negative splits with the last mile at 8:43 pace! I ran in the middle of the day in an attempt to try to expose myself to heat, but it ended up being high 60s and sunny :) Not good for trying to acclimate, but sure nice weather to run in. I added in an extra hill which was nice. Noticed that it took me about 3 miles to hit my groove and then it all started feeling a lot easier. I notice that a lot on my runs.

Tomorrow I'm going to join up with a new trail group for an evening run in a new place. I found them through a very nice fellow berkeley ultrarunner that contacted me through the ultra listserve and I'm excited. The only anxiety (that I always have with a new group) is the fear that I'll be too slow and get left behind! I purposly didn't run my hilly trail run today so that my legs will (hopefully) be a bit fresher tomorrow and I'll be able to keep up. They seem nice though, and are through the local running store that I love, so hopefully it'll go well.

Speaking of shopping, ZombieRunner is amazing :) I emailed them about running my first 50k and inquiring about what to get, and they gave me a very helpful list and some useful suggestions as well as being incredibly nice. I highly recommend them to all! (though I'm guessing most all of you already use them ;) ).

I have a free morning tomorrow since I'm doing an evening run, so I'll hopefully get lots of thesis work done!


Anonymous said...

hi Addy,
I'm Sarah, I emailed you recently about running in Berkeley. Just wanted to let you know that I'll probably run into you at the transports trail run tonight. Say hi! I'll be wearing a red/orange top and lime green shorts (not as hideous as they sound!). cheers,

Addy said...

Sarah- I've just emailed back! Sorry it took a few days, life has been crazy this last week :P. I'll definitely look for you tonight! I'm looking forward to the run


RSD_Terry said...

Hey Addy, Sounds like you're ready to have some trail running fun. Nice work on the 8:43 pace. Keep it up and you'll do great.

You'll have to take a look at my blog from my weekend. I still haven't finished writing down all aspects of the weekend, but there's some stuff there.

RSD_Terry said...

Oh, yeah. Those Zombie folks are terrific. Don ran Pirates Cove with us. I think he passed me somewhere on the extra bit for the 30k loop and I never saw him again. ;-) Gillian didn't run that one.

I met them the first time I ran WS100 Safety Patrol and I've seen them with their booth at several race expos.