Monday, April 16, 2007

Milestones (of sorts)

Well, a few things of note occured tonight.

First, I accomplished a long standing fitness goal of mine by completing 100 push ups today. Granted they were spread out, with 40 at the gym this morning, another 25 this afternoon, another 10 early evening, and the final 25 before bed, but still, 100 were done. In January I was unable to do even one 'guy' pushup, as I essentially had no upper body strength. However, in watching " A Race for the Soul" and in following accomplished female ultra runners and seeing how strong they looked, I decided that this would be the semester that I would become strong. Since I had starting planning to complete a 50k sometime in the coming year, I wanted to gain the physique that my 'ultra idols' as they were, had. So, I've been working hard all semester, trying to do strength training at least twice a week and doing lots of 'girl pushups' until I finally graduated into being able to do my first real pushups sometime in March. I know this seems like a silly thing to post about, but I've just always had no upper body strength and to do a push up was something I've always wanted to be able to do, but really never could. I just really feel like I've become so much stronger :)

My second milestone of the evening, on a different note, is that I've had my first running related toe-nail loss. The 2nd toe-nail on the right foot had been looking sad since my 30k at the end of march, but I wasn't quite sure if it was going to come off. However, the last few days it definitely looked to be losing its battle and tonight the thing finally came off with a little help. It looks sad with the soft new nail beginning to grow in, but I'm sort of proud of it in a way :) Seems like a necessary experience in the ultra/trail world!

Anyways, some sort of odd milestones, but fun ones nonetheless :)


Josh said...

well, if your legs stop working during the 50k now you can drag yourself to the finish line with your rock solid arms!
ah, the first toe-nail loss will be remembered forever. I like having no toe-nail, its when it grows back that gives me trouble! My big toe-nail re-grew crocked and dug into my skin.

RSD_Terry said...

Congrats on the push-ups milestone. Ouch, Ewww, Yuk! on the toenail.

Hey, you beat me to that milestone. I've never had a toenail loss. ;-)


Sarah said...

hey girl, nice work on 100 push-ups! my recent milestone: I did my first pull up ever. 3 of them (with rest in between).

After we finish our thesis' we'll have to celebrate that milestone together!

hope to see you at the run tomorrow night.

Sensationally Red said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day! I'm so jealous you get to run in such beautiful, warm locales! Way to go on the push ups. I've been obsessed with strength training as well. There is real empowerment in feeling like you have strong upper and lower body. I'm quite a bit older than you, so I was motivated to get back that muscle tone of my youth. Actually...I think I have more muscle tone/strength than I've ever had. You have some very interesting links displayed, so I think I'll be checking them out. Great blog! I've got you bookmarked girl. The lost toenail is a right of passage...I've never actually lost one, but blackened a few pretty good.

Addy said...

josh- haha. It is sort of fun not having a nail :) Hopefully I don't have problems like you did though!

terry- your lucky feet!

Sarah- Thanks! Congrats on the pull up!! After I get to be pro at these push-up things that'll be my next goal. I know that I have never done one in my life, so I'm expecting it'll take a while before I can work up to that kind of strength! We'll definitely have to celebrate our thesis milestone :) See you tonight!

Red- Thanks for the bookmark! I'm definitely getting in better shape that I ever was before, and that's always such a cool feeling, regardless of when you start getting in that better shape. Your blog is great as well! Such good and interesting writing :)