Wednesday, April 11, 2007


A man swims the entire Amazon!


Jessica Deline said...

That is crazy!! WOW!

Meg said...

Woooah, I heard about this guy! When I was younger I wanted to swim the english channel, haha.

P.S. This is Megs from CR.

RSD_Terry said...

Too many things in that river that can eat you. I'll stay away.

Although if he really wants to do it right, he's got to do the swim *without* the bouyant wetsuit. I'd say that's cheating. ;-)


Gretchen said...

Whoa, I just saw your countdown for TRT, that is so cool! I'll have to keep checking back so I can frighten myself into keeping my training on track! Also, I see your (maybe) planning to run Helen cool, I hope you do, I'm hoping to run that one too.

Addy said...

meg- have you ever read 'swimming to antarctica"? It's a really inspirational/amazing story about a girl who in her teens swims the english channel and then moves on to crazier and more spectacular swims. If you haven't seen it you should definitely check it out!

terry- yeah. Sharks and phiranas? Definitely couldn't get me in that water

gretchen- I know...those numbers really are ticking down! Lots of training left to be done :) So long as TRT goes well, I'd really like to try to tackle the 50 mile distance this fall, so HK seems like a perfect race!