Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Well, I had a new experience last night (and a very berkeley one at that) by going to a Raw Food restauarant called 'Cafe Gratitude'. A very cool, very hippy place with shared tables (we sat with two very nice guys who, I think, work there) and were asked by our waiters after sitting, as part of the communal vibe, what our friends love most about ourselves as a way of introduction. From what I understand, everything there was organic vegan and nothing was heated above 110 degrees (except maybe the soup). All the foods are essentially affirmations, so you're saying something positive when you order :)

For instance, I ordered I am Accepting which was: stir-unfry - Steamed Bhutanese red rice tossed with raw vegetables (nori, cucumber) sprouts, avocado and Asian sesame dressing. I had never had this kind of rice, which is almost black in appearance. I liked the nori (Seeweed) better than I thought I would, and overall it was yummy (though definitely tasted 'healthy') For dessert we all shared I AM DEVOTED live coconut cream pie - Rich coconut cream pie in a coconut date crust and another dessert whose name I can't remember, but was a blueberry, strawberry and apple cobbler, which we got a la mode (so that I could try their soft serve made of nut milk, dates, and vanilla bean...very good!). Overall yummy and not too pricy (though definitely a 'nice' dinner out by college standards).

The concept of 'live' food was interesting, and not something I was familiar with before. Overall, though, I don't think I could ever be vegan! I love dairy products, and I enjoy my meat too much :)

A fun restaurant though, and one anyone in the bay area should check out at some point!


Jessica Deline said...

Sounds like a cool and fun place!

Catra said...

I love Raw foods. I am 100% raw except when I'm racing.
I still have to eat there my friend Julia loves there food.
I see you're running Diablo Marathon. I will be running the 50m.

Josh said...


That made me chuckle.

I have read some stuff about eating raw, mainly on Catra's blog. I think it would take more discipline than what I have.

Addy said...

catra- That's so great that you're able to stick with eating Raw so well. It definitely seems like its so much better all around for everyone involved; It's a very healthy way of eating from what I can tell.

I'll be *attempting* to run the marathon, though we'll see how successful I am. Those crazy climbs have me a little worried :)

Maybe I'll see you there! I'm sure 50 miles doesn't seem like much of a challenge for you any more