Sunday, April 15, 2007

Ack...I've signed up!

The price was going to go up for the Diablo Marathon tomorrow so...

I decided now was the time to commit!

I'm doing the Diablo Marathon in less than 2 weeks. Ack...I'm sort of afraid I'm getting in over my head...but, it'll be a good experience, right?

Its just more like a very very long hike where I get to run the fun bits.

This, however, is what makes me nervous (click on it to see better):

That top elevation is almost 4,000 ft. There is 7,950 ft of elevation gain.

My saving grace is the 16 hour cut off for the 50 milers, which means I have 16 hours to go 26.2 miles. That's 36 minutes a mile. I can do 36 minutes a mile, right?

Just think positive thoughts!


Jessica Deline said...

That profile shows over 10,000' of total gain. But it will be a good experience and good training for your other races. Plus - even with that kind of climbing you could crawl it and still finish in 16 hours!

mtnrunR said...

no problem. just remember even if you have a fair amount of climbing you are not really at elevation for very long. you really only will loose about 10% of performance when you are at 3000 feet above your living elevation.

the best part... a sweeeeeet downhill finish.

gotta love "free speed!!!!!!"

i think this looks like a great race. have fun.

RSD_Terry said...

Addy, it'll be a blast. With my sore knee, from Saturday's 50 mile run, we'll be able to coast through Mt Diablo together. ;-) Enjoy the scenery, the weather, and each other's company. ;-)

Are you planning the SC Half this weekend? Interested in joining me to help save a tree on the UCSC Campus after the run?

Addy said...

jessica- I'm a little confused about the elevation gain now, as I'm now noticing (what you pointed out) that the elevation chart shows 10,000 ft of gain, but the website says 7,950. I'm inclined to believe the chart is more an estimate and the website is accurate, but I'm not sure. With 10000 ft, Wow...that'd be scary!!! But a good training experience :)

Tom- Good things to keep in mind. I"m excited about that ending myself! Though hopefully my quads don't kill me afterwards

Terry- Hopefully I don't slow you down too much! Though, since you're injured, I think I'll have a chance at keeping up ;) I'm still planning to do the 1/2 this weekend, but I don't think I'm quite up for that kind of environmentalism this weekend, especially since I'll be there with my Dad! I'm not really one for climbing trees anyways though ;) The picture on that site looks amazing though, so beautiful!

RSD_Terry said...

Well, I'm sorry you won't be able to join me for the tree thing. I'll send you a copy of the photo that I get for helping out. They are really spectacular images.

Don't worry about slowing me down at Diablo. I'm going to bring a camera to record some memories. That'll slow me down if the knee doesn't. ;-)

Addy said...

Terry- I'd love to see a copy, I'm sure its going to be amazing.

And a camera for the race is going to be a must :) We'll just be more like touristy runners, going slow and taking lots of pictures!