Saturday, April 21, 2007

Good Vibes!!!

Everyone send good vibes to my Dad for tomorrow. He's running his first 1/2 marathon ever, and I'm so excited for him. He's been training since January and working really hard! I think his longest run was 11 miles with me a few weeks ago. I really really want this to go well and for him to have a great time so that he wants to do more races :)

But no matter what happens, I'm incredibly proud of him!!!

I'm leaving to get him from the airport in 1 1/2 hours and then we'll head down to Santa Cruz to go pick up the chips and bibs.

Wish us luck!

My dad and I after climbing up a series of ladders to reach a cave 150 ft. up the side of a cliff at bandalier national park in New Mexico a few summers ago. We like doing active things together :)


maniac hippo said...

Hi Addy! I followed you over from Michelle B's Blog.

That's so cool about your dad! Do you feel like you're in the role of teacher or cheerleader for him?

I'll probably see you at Miwok, though I can't promise I'll be in any shape to recognize you.

Journey to a Centum said...


Make sure he keeps hydrated and fuels properly prior to the race. He should have a great time! Have fun!

Throw some water on maniac hippo if you see him at Miwok!;-)


RSD_Terry said...

Hey Addy,

I think I spotted you at the SC Half. I was coming out of Wilder Rancha dn you were heading in, just passing the returning merging runners. I would have shouted, but I only caught a glimpse of you and by the time I registered you, I was heading down the hill back towards the finish.

I hope you and your dad had a good run. I would have stuck around to see you finish, but I wanted to help out at the TreeSpirit EarthDay photo. That was pretty cool. We must have had a couple of dozen people climbing all over that tree. I'l send you a link to the photo once Jack puts it up on his site.


Josh said...

I hope both you and your Dad had a great run today!

Meg said...

Addy- saw your post in CR. I'm so glad it went great! Can't wait to hear about it.

Journey to a Centum said...


Met three runners that are doing Miwok at the Mt. Si ultra this weekend. Chris and Marty Fagan are a married couple that will be out there and Pete - Hippo (if you go to my last posting he's the guy in blue talking to Michelle on the last picture at the bottom.)

From Meg's comment it looks like things went well for your Dad. That's great! Hope you had fun!

Addy said...

Pete- Thanks for stopping by! I definitely feel like I'm teacher and cheerleader both (definitely cheerleader after he finishes training runs and at the race!) I'll definitely look for you at Miwok!

Tom- I had a great time :) I'll look for that couple as well at the race

terry- sorry I missed you! Everything was so rushed and I was so focused on my dad that I forgot to look for you!!! Awesome job doing the 1/2 after AM last week

josh- thanks!

megs- a report will be forthcoming :)

mtnrunR said...

oh, i am sure your dad did great. heck if he has ran 11 miles, no problemo for the half.

have fun at miwok. it is a who's who in ultra running. a big race here on the west coast. all the big guns show up for that one.

looking forward to hearing how your dad did.